Uber facing problems in USA and China

uberBogus taxi drivers claiming to work for Uber try to pick up passengers at New York’s airports John F. Kennedy and La Guardia. Uber has lodged an official complaint with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey asking that they review the problem of illegal solicitations at the airports.

The illegal drivers are aided by dispatchers who hang out near arrival areas and aggressively solicit customers. The situation evokes memories of the time when Uber itself entered the market. Regular licensed cabdrivers who considered Uber drivers illegal competitors treated them aggressively.

Although the fixers of the bogus drivers often carry a clipboard emblazoned with the Uber symbol the way they operate is not very credible. They quote sky high prices for rides to different areas and tell travelers not to use the Uber app while saying “I can do it on my phone.” In addition, Uber never sends its divers into the terminal.

CNN Money reports that Uber is also facing a problem in China. Basically, Uber is closed for foreign visitors as they are unable to order rides in any Chinese city. When you select a Chinese pick-up address in the normal Uber app, you are simply logged off.

didiYou need to be able to communicate in Chinese to use Uber as you need to download a separate Uber China app, which is only available in Mandarin. Moreover, the app does not accept any foreign credit cards, while you need to have a local Chinese phone number to use it.

On August 1, 2016 Uber agreed to hand over its Chinese operations to Didi, a Chinese ridesharing company handling 11 million daily rides for 300 million users across China. Uber receives in return a 17.7% stake in the combined company’s equity.

A Didi spokeswoman told CNN Money that Uber and Didi teams are working hard to bring back online international payment and roaming services as soon as possible. International credit cards will be added in the next version of the Uber China app and an English-language version should available by early 2017.

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