Top-16 hotel pet peeves

outletsHotel guests' biggest pet peeves are tech-related. The number 1 nuisance is expensive and/or slow Internet. This appears from a survey that Frequent Business Traveler, in partnership with FlyerTalk and ExpertFlyer have conducted among nearly 2,000 of their readers/members.

Many guests are upset that inexpensive hotels usually provide free internet access, whereas many expensive hotels charge a fee. What also annoys guests are poor hotel connection speeds.

Hard to reach and/or insufficient electrical outlets are guests' second biggest pet peeve. Many travelers need at least 6 outlets for all their electronic devices. It is irritating if you need to go on all fours because outlets are hidden behind cabinets or underneath the bed.

The third biggest annoyance is poor room cleanliness, a newcomer to the hotel pet peeves poll. There are still hotels using bedspreads although there is a more recent trend of using duvets with removable (and presumably fresh and clean) duvet covers.

The complete top-16 pet peeves follows.

1. Expensive and/or slow Internet

2. Hard to reach and/or insufficient electrical outlets

3. Poor room cleanliness

4. Cigarette smoke odor

5. Climate control not easily adjustable

6. Noise of any kind

7. Insufficient water pressure or temperature

8. Unexpected fees (including resort fees)

clock9. Pillows uncomfortable

10. Insufficient or poor lighting

11. Drapes that let in too much light

12. Alarm clock left on or unintuitive

13. Poor bathroom design (hard to reach toilet paper holder, shower floods floor, etc.)

14. Do Not Disturb sign ignored

15. Intrusively bright indicator lights (regardless of source)

16. Complex room controls (incl. lighting and bath)

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