Sex in the skies

About 10% of American air travelers report having had sex of some kind at an airport. That is just a little more than the 8% who claim they have had sex on a flight.

These numbers are based on, a cheap flights comparison site that claims it surveyed 4,915 Americans in 2017 who were 18 years or older and had flown at least once in the past 2 years.

Approximately ¾ of respondents said they had some free time at the airport. The website followed up to learn how that down time was used. Of those who claim to have had sex during that time the vast majority (87%) had sex with their traveling partner, while 5% hooked up with a stranger.

Of those who had some sort of sexual encounter, 42% report that it took place in a public restroom, 28% got busy in storage cupboards, 14% had it under a coat and 12% had it in the VIP lounge. A minority of 17% claim to have been caught in the act by airport staff.

We do not know how reliable those statistics are, but it seems to happen. A flight attendant with Norwegian called Ilse told Bloomberg News: “It actually happens far more frequently than you think. I would say at least once a month someone tries it, with about a 30% success rate. We have even seen total strangers meet on a flight and make a run for the lavatory together.”

Recently, a couple on their way to Mexico on Silver Airways noticed some rhythmic noise from another couple of rows back. When they looked it appeared that they had sex in a seat. Obviously they wanted to belong to the so-called Mile High Club, whose members claim to have had sex in the air.

The couple made a video clearly showing the act, while the rest of the passengers seem to mind their own business. But it may also end differently as another pair experienced on an 11-hour flight of Virgin Atlantic (no pun) from London Gatwick to Cancun in Mexico.

A drunken woman and a man - both said to be in their 20s – who did not know each other before boarding, but swiftly struck up a close bond. In mid-air they went together to a lavatory, which a flight attendant noticed.

Soon 3 stewardesses were banging on the door. They opened the toilet door and found the man standing with his trousers down and the woman sitting on the seat. Watch the episode here. When the plane landed in Mexico, the crew called police to meet the couple. Virgin Atlantic has banned the woman from all future flights, but did not say anything about the man.

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