Always pay a ticket by credit card

Lufthansa counterQuite a few of our readers let us know that Lufthansa promises them they will get a refund if the airline canceled their flights. But readers who called Lufthansa several times report that with every call the payout date moves further into the future. So far, none of our readers let us know they actually received their money back from the carrier.

A senator’s experience

Interestingly, one of our readers, who shares her experience with Lufthansa, is a senator (or gold card member) of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program Miles & More. After her complaint that she did not receive a refund despite her multiple requests, Lufthansa writes: “We regret to learn that you have not received your refund as advised three (3) times. Please allow us to explain that in the current situation, refunds are not possible within the standard time limits and we cannot reliably communicate a concrete timeframe.”

Lufthansa keeps you dangling

CourtThus, Lufthansa’s standard policy - regardless of the passenger’s status - is to keep their customers dangling. The carrier doesn’t say they won’t give your money, possibly because then they would openly break European law (EU regulation 261/2004). But the airline doesn’t give any concrete and credible prospect of a refund.

It illustrates why you should always pay an airline ticket by credit card. This will give you an alternative way to get your money back if the carrier is unwilling to provide a refund.

Always pay by credit card

The reader above benefits from the fact that she paid the ticket by credit card. She reports that Lufthansa promises to pay her money back, but she waits in vain for the money. Finally, she disputes the ticket transaction at American Express.

No refund

RefundShe sends all information to American Express, including the ticket, the payment receipt, and the cancelation notification. One month later she receives the amount she paid for the canceled ticket into her bank account.

Just do the same if you paid a Lufthansa ticket by credit card and the airline keeps you dangling as to a paying back your money. Contact your credit card company and dispute the transaction. If you still have all documentation, there is a good chance that you can dispute the transaction successfully.

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