The #OverheadBinChallenge

Climbing into an overhead binOn social media flight attendants have a peculiar challenge. They climb in overhead bins so that a colleague can take pictures of them in different poses. It is quite popular among flight attendants because they can upload the images to their social media accounts.

Sharing photos

They already shot those images decades ago, well before the introduction of social media. At the time they used classic cameras to shoot photos. But they could only share them with a few relatives and friends. Currently, they can easily share them with a large number of people through social media.

Stewardesses on social media

If you search the internet on #OverheadBinChallenge you will find tons of funny pictures of flight attendants in or at an overhead bin. You will see them in different poses. Thanks to social media you can now find numerous photos of a flight attendant lying in an overhead bin, climbing in an overhead bin or hanging on 1 or even 2 overhead bins or posing at one of the engines. Obviously, they all enjoy the fun of their actions in a further empty cabin.Flight attendant posing at an engine

Free publicity

However, not all airlines consider it positive free publicity. United Airlines considers the pictures not funny and is clamping down on the #OverheadBinChallenge tradition. The carrier believes that posting this kind of pictures on social media is unprofessional. Therefore, it wants flight attendants to end the tradition.

No disciplinary measures

Initially, the airline will avoid formal disciplinary measures for first-time infractions. But repeat offenders might experience a lot of trouble. For the time being, however, United is only using words to convince its flight attendants that it is better for their professional reputation to stop the #OverheadBinChallenge practice.

Flihgt attendant lying in overhead binProfessional and tasteful

Images on social media showing a link with United should be professional and tasteful. In particular the latter qualification is by its very nature subjective. Different people may have different views on those photos.

Airline promotion

Moreover, the carrier itself has reportedly asked its employees to promote United through their social media accounts. And the #OverheadBinChallenge may be an effective way of promoting the airline. So one may wonder how consistent United’s approach is.

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