Coronavirus on board

JetBluejetBlue aircraft has banned a passenger for life, so he can never fly jetBlue again. In New York the passenger boards a flight to Palm Beach, FL. He knows he might be infected with the coronavirus, but doesn’t yet know the test result. During the flight he receives a text message saying that he tested positive for the virus. But he doesn’t cough or sneeze on the plane.


Dr. Alina Alonso speaks about the coronavirus

Dr. Alina Alonso, health director in Palm Beach County

The absence of coughing and sneezing is very important according to Dr. Alina Alonso, the health director in Palm Beach County. Therefore, the passengers are free to walk and move around because most likely they are not going to have anything, for there was no activity. The way you get this virus is somebody has to cough or sneeze on you, according to Alonso.

Passengers in the vicinity of the positive tested patient are advised of monitoring procedures. All other passengers are advised to call the public health department if they have any medical concerns.

Sanitizing aircraft

Following the incident, jetBlue releases a statement reassuring customers that it has "conducted a thorough sanitizing of the aircraft according to CDC guidance. We have also sanitized common areas in both airport terminals involved." The airline has coordinated its actions closely with health officials.

Robin Hayes

Robin Hayes

During an appearance on CBS This Morning on March 11, 2020, jetBlue CEO Robin Hayes says the airline has taken significant steps to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus on all flights. "We are deep cleaning and sanitizing and disinfecting our airplanes every night," Hayes says. "In addition, we have wipes on board so customers can come on and can wipe down their seat if they want to sort of take some additional precautions."

Social media

On social media there is hardly any support for the infected passenger. One person wonders why he is only banned from jetBlue: “He should get a lifetime ban from all commercial airline travel.” Another person doesn’t consider a ban to be sufficient: ”He should get jail time.”

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