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Air France and KLM: an unhappy marriage?

By permission of the European Commission Air France/KLM issues 168 new shares worth almost €1 billion. The exact amount is €988 million. In addition, France has converted a bond - that was due to be paid off - into a loan in perpetuity.

French stake increased

The Netherlands didn’t match the French moves. They kept their share in Air France/KLM at 14%. Thus, all new shares have been bought by the France government. As a result, France’s interest in the airline has increased, whereas the Dutch state’s interest has relatively decreased. The French stake in the carrier is now just...
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Passengers’ missing items always retrieved

Lost bag foundEvery year passengers leave millions of items – often valuable - on planes and in airports. It costs the aviation industry millions of dollars. Lost items need to be registered, stored, managed and repatriated. Additional costs are for handling inquiries, customer calls and postage. Managing and repatriating a lost item can cost up to $95. But the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA) found a solution for this problem with its WorldTracer Lost and Found Property.

Artificial intelligence

The WorldTracer is an artificial intelligence-enabled solution that cuts the cost...
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US air travel rebounding

The number of air passengers screened at US airports on March 22, 2021 amounted to over 1.5 million. This is more than at any time since March 13, 2020. Screening refers to security checks on passengers entering airports. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) concludes that US air travel continues to rebound from a pandemic-related drop.


COVID-19 devastated air travel demand, with US airline passengers down 60% in 2020. But a growing number of Americans are getting vaccinated, which reduces the chance of getting infected. This development may stimulate...
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Managing health credentials

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the arrival in London of the first travelers using the IATA Travel Pass. With this app they can manage their travel health credentials. The travelers flew on Singapore Airlines.

IATA Travel Pass

Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General, is enthusiastic about the trial with Singapore Airlines that took the passengers to London. Obviously, he is happy with the IATA Travel Pass and its successful implementation. “This flight demonstrates that technology can help travelers and governments to manage travel health credentials....
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Prospect for aviation remains gloomy

Total passenger demand for air travel in January 2021 is down 72% compared with 2 years ago, January 2019. A comparison with 1 year ago, January 2020, would be distorted due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Domestic demand

Total domestic demand is down over 47% compared to January 2019 levels. International passenger demand in January 2021 is nearly 86% lower than in January 2019. This is a further drop compared with the more than 85% year-on-year decline recorded in December. Thus, 2021 is starting off worse than 2020 ended, says IATA’s Director...
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Travel trends in the corona era

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has conducted a survey among 4,700 travelers in 11 countries. It reveals among other things that there is some public support for travel restrictions.

Main results

* 88% believe that when opening borders, the right balance must be struck between managing COVID-19 risks and getting the economy going again. * 85% believe that governments should set COVID-19 targets (such as testing capacity or vaccine distribution) to re-open borders. * 84% believe that COVID-19 will not disappear. We need to manage its risks while living and traveling normally. * 68%...
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