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Searching for culprits MH17

Igor GirkinOn July17, 2014, Malaysia/KLM codeshare flight MH17/KL4103 is shot down over eastern Ukraine. All 298 passengers and crew members on board die instantly. Minutes after the disaster the Russian commander Igor Girkin proudly tweets they have just downed a plane. Girkin – also known as Igor Strelkov – probably thinks they shot down a Ukrainian military plane. But when it appears to be a passenger plane, he deletes the tweet.

Draft resolution

In 2015, the UN Security Council debates about a draft resolution to establish an international tribunal...

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How clean are aircraft cabins?

Ryanair cabinLow-cost carrier Ryanair is the dirtiest airline in the UK. This writes Which?, a British consumer organization, in a recent report. Their qualification of cabin cleanliness is based on research from their expert travel investigations team and surveys of nearly 8,000 Which? members.

Outbreak of norovirus

The passengers sitting near you may present the largest risk of infection, according to experts. In 2008, scientists in the USA investigate an outbreak of norovirus on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. A number of passengers on the flight...
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Hijack alert at Amsterdam airport

AirEuropaFlight UX1094 of the Spanish carrier Air Europa is scheduled for departure at 7:10 pm on November 6, 2019. The plane is parked at Amsterdam Schiphol’s D concourse and passengers are boarding. Suddenly, the plane sets off a hijack alert, while 27 passengers already are on board.

Special forces

As a result, large scale emergency services turn out, including special forces, military police, the fire department, and helicopters. Moreover, pier D is evacuated. However, 2 hours later the alarm appears to be false. How is that possible?


The captain is in the...
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Lufthansa cabin crew strike

Lufthansa Airbus 380All Lufthansa flights starting in Germany will be affected by a Lufthansa cabin crew strike. The German flight attendants’ union UFO (pun not intended) has called for a 2-day strike at Lufthansa. Although the strike will last no longer than 48 hours, it will disturb many passengers' travel plans.

Cabin crew strike

The strike will start on November 7 at 00:00 am and end on November 8 at 24:00 pm. Lufthansa will publish today a special flight plan for Thursday and Friday. Miles...
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Will airlines ever automatically pay compensation?

European Union rulesThe European Union has a relatively strong consumer protection of airline passengers. Most relevant is the EU regulation 261/2004 that entitles passengers to compensation under certain circumstances. That may be delays of more than 3 hours that can be attributed to the carrier. Or it may be cancelations the airline can be blamed for.

Exceptional circumstances

For airlines there is one way out. If the delay or cancelation is due to exceptional circumstances passengers don’t have a right to compensation. Examples of exceptional circumstances are a medical emergency landing...
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Livestream from lavatory to cockpit?

Southwest AirlinesRenee Steinaker is a flight attendant already working for decades at Southwest Airlines. In February 2017, she takes a seat in the cockpit, because Captain Terry Graham needs to make a trip to the toilet. Southwest protocol requires that 2 crew members remain in the cockpit at all times. While sitting in the cockpit she notices an iPad located on a window. She looks further and realizes that she is seeing the captain in the lavatory.


When she looks again further she observes that the picture is moving. Her...
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