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Who is afraid of a mouse?

I flew Swiss and was working on my laptop during flight. However, a flight attendant told me that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations prohibit the use of a wireless mouse onboard. This information was neither included in the safety card nor in the safety video. Moreover, it was the first time ever that a flight attendant told me I cannot use a wireless mouse. Thus, I wonder whether she was right. Can you tell? Lars Feltmann   Airline Passenger Guru’s answer: FAA regulations do not prohibit the use of a wireless mouse during flight. However, this does not necessarily imply...
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How draconic can security measures be?

The panic in the USA has given rise to erratic and in some respects draconic security measures. A funny Canadian video shows that even more draconic security measures could be possible. Presumably, panicking US officials may not be amused by the video. Hopefully, however, it will not inspire them to implement this kind of measures....
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Drunk steals plane at airshow

Kyle Franklin is a pilot with the skill to appear to fly very badly, but he has got incredible control. Watch this video.

Franklin is married to Amanda Younkin, who manages Franklin’s Flying Circus and Younkin Airshows. Kyle is the pilot, although Amanda can fly as well.

Their website features a dozen clips of the circus in action at Franklin’s Flying Circus Video Page. The videos are amazing. Enjoy watching them.

Flying Circus...
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Can you through-check your bag if you change planes in the USA?

Most travelers who need to change planes would like to through-check their bags. Airline Passenger Guru wrote this is not possible for travelers to the USA. They must pick up their bag and declare it at the point of entry. Thus, if they have a connecting flight they must check their bag again for that flight. This article raised some comments.   Jesper Markussen writes that Delta offers through-checking if all your flights are Delta flights. He adds that you can fly Copenhagen-Atlanta-Cancun and pickup your bag in Cancun. Werner Keppl suggests that Airline Passenger Guru clarify this. We repeatedly asked Delta...
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What happens to your frequent flyer status if you switch to another airline?

Do you retain your current elite status if you switch to another airline’s frequent flyer program? Often you do not, but sometimes you can. Status match is little known outside the ranks of very frequent flyers. Therefore, Airline Passenger Guru surveyed 29 airlines that are members of 1 of the 3 airline alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam) and that we could contact by email. We asked them whether they grant new members the same status with proof of their elite status with another carrier. If airlines do match, they rarely advertize it and they are...
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Photographers take pictures

A photographer for a magazine has an assignment to take pictures of a great forest fire. He has been advised that a small plane would be waiting to fly him over the fire.

The photographer arrives at the airstrip just an hour before sundown. Indeed, a small Cessna airplane is waiting. He jumps in with his equipment and shouts: "Let's go!"

The tense man sitting in the pilot's seat swings the plane into the wind and soon they are in the air, though flying erratically.

"Fly over...

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