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Coronavirus on board

JetBluejetBlue aircraft has banned a passenger for life, so he can never fly jetBlue again. In New York the passenger boards a flight to Palm Beach, FL. He knows he might be infected with the coronavirus, but doesn’t yet know the test result. During the flight he receives a text message saying that he tested positive for the virus. But he doesn’t cough or sneeze on the plane. (more…)...
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Coronavirus: comparing Lufthansa and KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a front runner in temporarily waiving change fees against the background of a growing coronavirus crisis. But other airlines including Lufthansa follow suit. This carrier’s press release is interesting. Like most carriers Lufthansa introduces 2 temporary rebooking options.

Existing reservations

The first pertains to existing bookings and applies worldwide for tickets purchased before March 5 with a travel date up to April 30, 2020. You can rebook to a new date up to December 31, 2020 without any rebooking fee – regardless...
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Avis in a roller coaster

Avis preferredIt seems that Avis is confused and doesn’t know how to price rental cars anymore. They are so confused that they refuse any comment on their extraordinary price hikes earlier this year. In early February we write an article about it, which prompts a reader to contact us.

Extraordinary price hikes

He sends us a copy of the bill for a rental car from Avis a few months ago. The total rent amounts to $179 (€163) for a small car for 1 week. In early February 2020 he checks the...
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The #OverheadBinChallenge

Climbing into an overhead binOn social media flight attendants have a peculiar challenge. They climb in overhead bins so that a colleague can take pictures of them in different poses. It is quite popular among flight attendants because they can upload the images to their social media accounts.

Sharing photos

They already shot those images decades ago, well before the introduction of social media. At the time they used classic cameras to shoot photos. But they could only share them with a few relatives and friends. Currently, they can easily share them with a...
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$10,000 for downgrade

United AirlinesA United Airlines flight departs Newark, New Jersey to Hawaii. A Boeing 777 is scheduled to operate the flight. At the last moment, however, United needs to swap the Boeing 777 for another aircraft. As a result, another plane will operate the flight.

Swap a Boeing 777

It appears not only a less pleasant, but also a considerably smaller aircraft: a Boeing 767. One of the consequences is that fewer business seats are available on the flight. This, in turn, poses a problem as there are now more passengers with...
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A horse in the cabin

Monica Froese and her emotional support animalRonica Froese buys 2 first class tickets on a flight from Grand Rapids, MI to Ontario, CA. It will be her first flight in 1st class thanks to her fellow passenger, a miniature horse named Freckle Butt Fred. Ronica considers it her emotional support animal. As she wants Fred to have enough room, she reserves 2 first class bulkhead seats.


It seems that Ronica takes more precautions than on average. As the flight would be long, she books a flight with a stop. As a result, each...
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