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You decide: refund or voucher

CancelationsMost airlines’ websites are not very helpful to passengers if a carrier cancels a flight. They have removed the possibility to apply online for a refund. Thus, you need either to call them or send an email. But it is often impossible to find an email address that you can use for a refund request.

Where is the phone number?

Many readers tell us that insofar they can find a phone number they cannot or hardly reach an airline agent by phone. A waiting time of 1-2 hours seems not uncommon. A reader writes...
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Russian aid for USA

Aid from Russian delivered in New YorkOn April 1, 2020, a Russian military transport plane with aid supplies lands at New York's John F. Kennedy airport. The date may let you think it’s a joke, but it is serious. Russia delivers aid to the USA in the form of medical supplies, including ventilators and personal protection equipment. Only a short while ago the USA was a great country leading the world. But after 3.5 years with Donald Duck Trump in the White House the country needs aid from Russia. An...
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Money back or a voucher?

In case of flight cancelation, airlines must offer passengers 2 choices under EU regulation 261/2004. First, re-routing to their final destination under comparable transport conditions and at the earliest opportunity. This may also occur at a later date at the passenger’s convenience. The other option is reimbursement within 7 days of the full cost of the ticket. This applies to all passengers departing from an EU airport.

No reimbursement

Currently, carriers are short of cash and may have issues with reimbursement. Therefore, the Dutch minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (infrastructure and water management) doesn’t...
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Hilton accommodates members

HiltonHilton hotel has announced how they are going to deal with the status of members of its loyalty program, Hilton Honors. It offers very good news for members whose 2019 status is scheduled to be downgraded in 2020. The downgrade will not come into effect. Rather, their 2019 membership status will be extended through March 31, 2021, whether it’s Diamond, Gold or Silver.

Status extension

Hilton also announces a status extension for 2020. Your 2020 status will be extended through March 31, 2022....
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Lufthansa now more flexible

flexibilityWhen the coronavirus also hits the aviation industry, airlines have to cancel many flights. In particular Lufthansa shows little consideration for its customers. They can change their travel dates, but not their destination. In the current circumstances the lack of flexibility is crucial.

No change of destination

Suppose that a passenger has booked a flight to Italy. Lufthansa wouldn’t allow this passenger to change the destination to another country that is safer for health reasons. The carrier only allows to change the travel dates.

Lack of flexibility

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Airline subsidies and bankruptcies

US airlines have a long history of enjoying government subsidies. See the leaked list of subsidies for the US aviation industry here. But they also have a long history of bankruptcies. So it seems that the US government has wasted billions of tax dollars by subsidizing US carriers.

Middle Eastern competitors

Ironically, 5 US airlines meet on July 20, 2019 with Donald Trump in the White House. Their goal is to advocate operational limitations for their Middle Eastern competitors. Obviously, they prefer this over improving their own inferior products. But...
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