My discontinued credit card was charged

Credit cardA reader sends an email to ABN-AMRO Business cards - issued by International Card Services (ICS) - to discontinue his credit card. He receives an automated confirmation of receipt of his email.

The next day he gets by email a confirmation of the closure of his card. Again 1 day later he receives an email from ICS requesting him to destroy his card and throw it away.

Credit card review

When he receives his credit card review, he discovers that the annual fee has been charged to the destroyed credit card. Therefore, he replies to the message from ICS confirming the discontinuation of his card. In this message he asks what the explanation is for this charge to a discontinued card.

Credit card reviewHowever, he does not receive a response, so after 19 days he sends a reminder. Again he does not receive a response and sends us his experience.


When we contact ICS it appears they are unable to find records of our reader, so they never received his emails. Therefore, we ask him to forward to us the emails he sent to ICS.

Once received we note that the reader sent his emails by clicking the reply button on the confirmation email. But this email has a no-reply address. Thus, we advise him to resend his message via the ICS website.

Discontinued too late

Internet bankingThis works out. He receives a very favorable response. It appears that the annual fee was charged to his credit card on August 31, while he had discontinued his card on September 16.

Thus, the new membership year for his ABN-AMRO Business card had already started. Fortunately, ICS shows leniency towards their customer. They promise to refund the annual fee. Two days later he receives the amount in his bank account.


The conclusion is that ICS accommodated the reader. However, they could consider sending future confirmation emails from an address customers can reply to rather than from a no-reply address.

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