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Lufthansa A380If you earn 100,000 status miles in 2019, you will qualify for the senator status in Miles & More. This is the gold status in Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program. The status is valid for 2 years. Those who already are senators requalify if they earn 100,000 status miles.

This time of the year Miles & More is sending out emails to senators who did not (yet) requalify for the senator status this year. A reader who receives such an email forwards it to us. It appears that earning 100,000 status miles in 2019 is not really necessary to keep the senator status. Senators can simply buy their status back as the image below shows.


The reader wonders whether it is worth paying €2,000 ($2,200) for requalification. It is hard to advise about how to spend money as it highly depends on personal preferences. The reader will have to weigh up the benefits and the costs. But we will give it a try.

Miles & More cardsSenator status

If you look at the senator privileges – as the airline likes to call them - you will observe that they are actually quite limited. Most frequent flyers seem to value in particular the lounge access and the first/business class check-in.

Lounge access

But you should consider that some credit cards offer free lounge access. If your card does not, you can simply buy access to many lounges for $35-50 ($38-55). As to the baggage you should consider that only Lufthansa’s Economy Class Light fare for European flights does not provide for a baggage allowance.

Fare comparison

Note that in this case you can still check a bag for a fee. But it is easier to choose the basic fare that includes a bag. A comparison of those fares learns that the bag fee on a transatlantic flight amounts to €50 ($55) one way if you book it together with your ticket. You can decide for yourself which fare is appropriate.

EurosIs it worth €2,000?

Also, you can calculate how often you would pay for lounge access and extra luggage in 1 year and what it would cost. Compare the total amount with the €2.000 that you would pay for extending your senator status for 1 year.


Every time they extend their status senators also receive 2 eVouchers they can use for free upgrades. Both eVouchers are needed for upgrading an intercontinental flight (one way). Although valuable in theory, they may be worthless in practice. Upgrade opportunities are rare and the vouchers expire after 2 years. Thus, many vouchers remain unused due to expiration.

All in all it is hard to imagine that the benefits of status renewal weigh up to the price of €2,000.

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