The smallest bikini: follow-up

BikiniOn October 11, 2019 we write about a tiny bikini a Taiwanese tourist wears on vacation in the Philippine island Boracay. And about the fine she has to pay even though she doesn’t violate any law. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has spoken out. He asks social media users to stop harassing her.

Tiny bikini

If people are harassing her, it deserves a strong condemnation. In our article we argue that Boracay doesn’t prohibit wearing skimpy attire. Thus, she doesn’t violate any law.

Fair enough, she doesn’t get a fine for wearing a string as a bikini. Rather, she has to pay a fine for violating an ordinance that forbids the taking and display of lewd photographs. This seems quite weird as in no way she has taken and displayed any pictures of herself.

Who took pictures?

Those who did take and display pictures of her are other tourists and locals. So if the Boracay ordinance would be taken seriously, those tourists and locals should have been fined.

Boracay policeAn interesting detail is also that she bought the bikini in a local shop on Boracay. So isn’t it reasonable if she assumes that the micro bikini would be no problem in Boracay? Otherwise one would expect that the sale of such a bikini would be prohibited.

Fine swiftly paid

But her boyfriend is wise by quickly paying the fine anyway to settle the matter immediately. It doesn’t imply, however, that he agrees with the fine and/or the reason cited for the fine.

He feels guilty for his role in the affair that has led to cyberbullying of his girlfriend. And for the mental toll it has taken her. Also, he asks people not to blame the girl. Let’s hope that people won’t do that and not her boyfriend either.

Two decades ago no problem

Interestingly, only 2 decades ago it would most likely not have been a problem at all. Until the early 1990s topless bathing was no problem in the Philippines. Just like it is no problem in Europe. But in Bali, not that far from the Philippines, there was recently also fuss about a bikini.

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