Passengers’ missing items always retrieved

Lost bag foundEvery year passengers leave millions of items – often valuable - on planes and in airports. It costs the aviation industry millions of dollars. Lost items need to be registered, stored, managed and repatriated. Additional costs are for handling inquiries, customer calls and postage. Managing and repatriating a lost item can cost up to $95. But the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA) found a solution for this problem with its WorldTracer Lost and Found Property.

Artificial intelligence

The WorldTracer is an artificial intelligence-enabled solution that cuts the cost of repatriating lost items by 90%. Currently, the majority of the world’s airline employees use it in 2,200 airports. After they register a found item, they can create a missing item report and validate a match in less than 2 minutes.

Fast process

In addition, The WorldTracer dramatically speeds up the time taken to find and return found items. More than half (60%) of these items are returned within the first 48 hours.

The conventional process of handling lost property is largely manual. Multiple stakeholders are involved and very often the airline lacks control or visibility of the entire chain of events. Further complicating this manual process is the protracted time taken to match an item to a missing report.

Global database

The WorldTracer searches a global database of images and descriptions to match the found item to a missing item report. In order to identify details such as brand, material and color of the missing item, the WorldTracer uses image recognition. It also recognizes similar words in the description to make a definitive match.

Passenger satisfaction

Next, the airline can immediately notify the owner and have the item returned. Both the passenger and the airline have full visibility of the process through the WorldTracer portal, no matter where in the world the item was lost. This feature is expected to significantly improve passenger satisfaction.

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