How KLM gets on with an employee

KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKLM VIPs treatment must pay damages to an escort of Very Important Persons (VIPs) or commercially and according to protocol important passengers. She has been working at the airline for nearly 38 years without any problem.


But that changes when she complains about the growing number of pornstars, rappers, stoned childstars and drunken celebrities she has to accompany. KLM doesn’t appreciate her complaint and dismisses her due to soured labor relations.

Transition compensation

A magistrate rules she has a right to a transition compensation of €70,000 to be paid by KLM. However, the magistrate denies her an additional compensation because the airline wouldn't be to blame.


Court buildingThe woman appeals against the ruling and a higher court considers that KLM has shown culpable negligence at the start of the dismissal. The carrier proves to be belligerent rather than helpful in finding a solution when the relations are souring.

In addition, the woman appears to have complained also on behalf of colleagues about the falling level of the commercially and according to protocol important passengers.

Court ruling

The court rules that the woman has a right to a higher compensation than KLM has paid. The airline must pay an additional amount of €75,000.

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