What KLM package deals really are

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines advertises with package deals comprising a flight and at least a hotel room. You can purchase more, of course, by also including a rental car and/or other items. KLM claims that passengers will get a discount up to 30% by purchasing a package deal.

A reader of our website receives a KLM commercial about a package deal. It describes a trip to Bali including a stay in 5-star hotel NIkko Bali Benoa Beach.

Discount up to 30%

Just to be sure he checks the cost of the trip if he would book the same flight and the same hotel on the same dates separately. To his astonishment he discovers that when he makes 2 separate bookings it will be considerably cheaper than the KLM package deal.

Separate bookings

He is curious whether booking another hotel would have a similar result. Thus, he checks the cost of another hotel when it will be booked separately. Again, the total cost of flight and hotel are lower than the cost of the KLM package deal.

Thus, he contacts KLM to show the results of his inquiries and that separate bookings are cheaper than the deal. After a couple days KLM admits that package deals are not by definition cheaper.

Linking flight to hotel

KLM argues that a package deal links the flight to the hotel. As a result, the hotel automatically adjusts to the flight should the flight schedule change.

The airline adds that their package deals are based on actual availability of flight and hotel. Our reader wonders why they do so because he compared prices for the exact same dates as in the KLM deal.

Booking channels

Moreover, KLM says they use a number of booking channels that may not be the same as passengers use. But if that would increase the price it would be better to use the same channels as passengers do. Thus, this argument seems fairly useless. Our reader considers it simply misleading advertising.


A better argument may be that KLM package deals are not what they seem. They are in fact Airtrade deals rather than KLM deals as we already argued in 2016. The deals are just a marketing instrument to sell more tickets.

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