Jumping the vaccination line

Two women try to pass as senior citizens to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. But they are turned away and given warnings for trespassing at a vaccination site in Orlando, Florida. “We realized a couple of young ladies came dressed up as grannies to get vaccines for the second time,” says Dr. Raul Pino (picture). He is director of the health department in Orange County. “They wore bonnets, they had gloves and glasses, the whole thing.”

Vaccination site at Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office identified the women. They had already received initial doses of the vaccine, Pino says. They’d come to the drive-thru vaccination site at the Orange County Convention Center for their second doses. However, they are turned away when officials notice that the birth dates on their drivers' licenses don’t match the ones on their vaccine registration cards.

Body-camera footage released by the sheriff’s office shows 1 of the women in the car's driver’s seat. She is wearing glasses and what appears to be a thin gray wig. Both women are wearing face masks.

Sheriff’s office

Deputies issue trespassing warnings to the 2 women at the request of the health department, according to the sheriff’s office. If either woman returns to the convention center, she could be arrested. There are no other charges pending.

Vaccines in Orange County are currently limited to front line health workers, residents of long-term care facilities and state residents aged 65 and older. The state has been vaccinating roughly 2,500 people per day at the convention center.


“We see squatters asking nurses for vaccines when they’re leaving,” Pino says. “This is the hottest commodity that is out there right now, so we have to be very careful.” Therefore, the county is working to increase security measures at the convention center. This should deter any ill intentions ahead of an expected uptick in vaccines this week.

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