How do you get lost items back?

One of our writers discovers 2 hours after arrival on a flight operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines he left a folder with documents on the plane in the seat bag in front of him.

He calls the airline and tells them the data including flight and seat numbers, but the folder has not been found. Most likely cleaners have thrown it away, says the agent.

Actually, that is what he expected. He often observes that cabin crew

members deplane immediately after the passengers and sometimes even before the first passenger can get off the aircraft.

KLM suggests this is going to change. They claim flight attendants will now check the plane immediately after all passengers have disembarked.

One of the most frequently asked questions KLM receives via social media is about lost items. Therefore, they have set up a new team at Amsterdam Airport that should return items found on board or in the terminal to their legitimate owners as soon as possible.

KLM says the first results show that over 80% of the found items can now be reunited with their owners. They even claim the team is able to surprise some travelers by returning their personal belongings before they have missed them.

The airline deploys a dog that allegedly can find an owner who is still in the terminal through the smell of the lost item. Watch here the video KLM has produced.

It has been done very professionally and if the team’s results are as good as the video – which seems unlikely - you can expect to get your lost item back before leaving the airport.

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