Recombobulation area

When you come out of the body scanner or the metal detector you may feel discombobulated while you are trying to collect your belongings.

Sometimes you may forget your belt or something else. Like many travelers you may stack your handbag on your laptop as this is a flat surface. After you have put your items in your carry-on bag you rush off to your gate.

When you arrive there, however, you realize you have forgotten your laptop. If you have enough time, you can rush back to the checkpoint and recover your laptop.

As this happens quite often it is a good idea to tape your business card or a label with your name and contact info on your laptop.

This is not only useful when you ask at the checkpoint whether your laptop has been found, but also if you did not have time to rush back. It gives the security guys the possibility to contact you.

If you contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) yourself to retrieve your laptop they can easily tell you whether it has been found. You will find phone numbers for each US airport’s TSA lost & found office at Airport Lost & Found Contacts.

General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee County, WI, has set up some chairs and a sign just past the Concourse C security checkpoint. It is labeled 'recombobulation area'.

This is one of the very rare moments air travelers have a reason to smile.

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