Rare incident in California hotel

KTVUFairmont Hotel San jose has reported a hazmat incident in the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose in Northern California. It happened on August 31, 2019 and it has cost 1 woman’s life. It is unclear whether she was a guest or a hotel employee. Nine others have been injured: 2 hotel guests and 7 hotel employees.

Nine injured

One of the 9 injured persons is reportedly in life-threatening condition. However, the other 8 injured persons are fortunately considered to be in non life-threatening condition.

Authorities believe the hazmat incident is related to the woman’s death. Therefore, the incident is being investigated as a suicide, according to officer Gina Tepoorten from the San Jose police. The investigation is led by the San Jose police department.

Over 100 persons evacuated

More than 100 people have been evacuated from the hotel according to San Jose Fire Department Capt. Mitch Matlow. He also says that the chemicals have been identified. However, he cannot reveal what chemicals are involved as the investigation is still ongoing.

Safety mantra

Mitch Matlow

Mitch Matlow

The injured say they feel faint, light-headed and short of breath. On KTVU a Fairmont spokeswoman uses the same mantra that airlines always use in case of safety issues: "Safety is our top priority and top concern."

The hotel’s 19th floor is closed to the public for decontamination. But guests are allowed to return to their rooms on the 17th, 18th, and 20th floors.

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