Miles & More in the corona era

Lufthansa Boeing 737As one of the last airlines Lufthansa has announced some goodwill measures, as they call them. The most important measure is that the launch of the overhauled frequent flyer program Miles & More is delayed by 1 year. The considerably less attractive revised program will now come into effect on January 1, 2022 rather than in 2021 as was communicated earlier.


Frequent flyers’ current status has now been extended by 1 year until February 2022. Miles & More members receive 2 eVouchers when they requalify for another period. This used to be every other year, so that they got the status for 2 years. But under the revised program they will receive or renew their status for just 1 year.

Current status extended

Frequent flyer membership cardsSeveral readers let us know that they checked their status online. Nearly all observe that their status has been extended until February 2022. Only 1 reader reports that his status has not yet been extended beyond December 31, 2020. But that will probably be done soon.

Frequent flyer program

One reader who had to cancel all his reservations in 2020 writes that when he checked his Miles & More account he read: “You still require 100.000 status miles to extend your Senator status.” Thus, he will have to wait and see whether Miles & More will extend his status indeed.


UpgradeeVouchers used to be valid for 2 years, but under the revised program it will be for 1 year. Each eVoucher is good for an upgrade on a European flight. An upgrade on an intercontinental flight, however, requires 2 eVouchers.

eVouchers with an expiration date in 2020 and 2021 will be extended or re-credited and can be used until December 31, 2021.

Readers not happy

Readers let us know that they are not happy with the revised program in general. But there is one thing they dislike in particular. That is that requalification is for just I year as opposed to 2 years under the current program.

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