More comfort in economy class

Currently, the load factor of international flights amounts to 30-50%. Thus, on most flights there are few passengers and many open seats. That is pleasant for the passengers, for on long haul flights they can lie flat on open seats in a row in economy class. This is helpful to sleep during the flight.

Willing to pay more?

Lufthansa may have found a way to increase revenues in the current corona era by making it a little more comfortable to sleep in economy class. Passengers may be willing to pay somewhat extra for this convenience. The more passengers do so, the smaller the chance that the other passengers will find open seats in a row where they can lie for free.

Sleeper’s Row

Lufthansa's Sleeper's Row

Sleeper's Row

The carrier will make available on the Frankfurt-São Paulo route (LH 506/507 flights) its newest product, dubbed the “Sleeper’s Row”, during a trial period. Economy passengers will have the option to book 3 to 4 adjacent seats in a  row. The offer includes:
* Lufthansa Business Class kit containing pillows, blanket and topper.
* Priority boarding with Business Class passengers.
* 3 or 4 adjacent seats in a row.

Skycouch offered by Air New Zeeland

Air New Zeeland's Skycouch

Somehow, it reminds us to Air New Zealand’s Skycouch, although that is another concept. Actually, it consists of 3 seats and the price depends on whether it will be used by 1, 2 or 3 persons.


The Sleeper’s Row’s price has been set at €220 or $260. Lufthansa describes it as “lie down comfortably and have a good night of sleep while flying.” But that seems too rosy a picture. The extent of comfort will partly depend on the thickness of the topper. In economy it should be thicker than in business to avoid feeling the openings between the seats. But the toppers are the same, so it will be less comfortable in economy.

Number of seats

Another factor determining the amount of comfort is the number of seats. A Sleeper’s Row of 3 seats is too short for many passengers for in that case you will have to keep your knees bent.

You must purchase a Sleeper’s Row at the airport, during check-in or at the gate. So you need to contact a member of the ground staff and you can pay with your credit card.

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