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The world’s best and worst airports

Tokyo’s Narita International Airport is the world’s best airport according to a survey held by eDreams, an online travel agency. It scores 4.6 on a 5-point scale.

eDreams says the list is based on “the opinions of thousands of eDreams customers who travelled in 2013”. The opinions seem part of traveler reviews, but how authentic and unique the reviews are is unclear.

This is not unusual. Most rankings in the travel industry are not

based on thorough research, but rather serve as commercials...

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The world’s best airports

Airports Council International (ACI) recognizes each year the world's best airports on the basis of surveys conducted by airports. ACI is the voice of the world's airports and created the so-called Airport Service Quality Awards in 2006. Obviously, it is not an independent body that names the best airports. However, ACI claims that strict quality control procedures and commitment to impartiality are in place. This is considered sufficient justification  to describe the awards as "prestigious" and "the world’s leading airport passenger satisfaction benchmark". ACI also claims that the awards represent passengers’ views on 34 key service indicators and are an objective and...
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Wag Brigade

Dogs can be seen at many airports. Usually you see them searching for fresh fruit, or drugs, or bombs, etc. Many passengers do not like that, but sometimes they are very pleased when they see a dog.

At several airports across the USA - including Buffalo, NY, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, San Jose - you can meet certified therapy dogs in the terminals, sometimes called the Wag Brigade.

After travelers endure scrutiny at security check points, undergo body scans or pat...

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Airport thefts

At New York's 3 airports there were nearly 600 reports of luggage theft in the last 2 years. But it also happens at other airports.

When El Al started getting complaints from passengers about items missing from their baggage cameras were hidden in the belly of the plane. ABC News Nightline reports stunning results. Seven workers were charged with ripping off valuables, worth thousands of dollars.

ABC obtained a video from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey showing a baggage handler methodically searching a wallet.

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Electronic bag tags and other conveniences

The Future Travel Experience Awards were presented in Las Vegas on September 6, 2013. The winners - 5 airlines and 4 airports - are chosen through consultation with a panel of industry experts, so transparency is a long way off.

Iberia received the 'Best Check-in Initiative' award for its MyBagTag to print bag tags at home along with your boarding pass.

British Airways was awarded the 'Best Baggage Initiative' for its permanent electronic bag tags. You can synchronize...

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Recombobulation area

When you come out of the body scanner or the metal detector you may feel discombobulated while you are trying to collect your belongings.

Sometimes you may forget your belt or something else. Like many travelers you may stack your handbag on your laptop as this is a flat surface. After you have put your items in your carry-on bag you rush off to your gate.

When you arrive there, however, you realize you have forgotten your laptop. If you have enough time, you can rush back to the checkpoint and recover...
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