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Why did I pay more than my neighbor?

When I made a flight I talked with the passenger sitting next to me. Among other things we talked about air fares.

He appeared to have paid considerably less for his ticket than I did for the same flight, while our seats were identical. What is the reason for such large price differentials?

John Meyer

Airline Passenger Guru's response:

Airlines aim at maximizing their revenues. To realize this they use yield management. This helps them cram ever more passengers into their...

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Be very careful when you book Philippine Airlines

One of our readers searches the web site of Philippine Airlines several times. When he finally books a ticket he is under time pressure and does it quickly.

When he is done the following announcement appears on his screen: "We have encountered some issues while processing your booking. Please call PAL Reservations at (632) 855-8888 or email so we can validate your transaction."

Therefore, he quickly sends an email to ask which issues the airline has encountered and pulls off to...

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Does it make sense to buy miles?

KLM let me know that I can buy reward miles. I may be interested in it as my current balance just falls short of what I need for a free ticket London-Frankfurt I would like to order in February 2014.

However, I wonder whether it is a good idea to buy reward miles. What do you think?
Thomas Kaiser

Airline Passenger Guru’s response:
Many airlines sell frequent flyer miles, but free tickets do not exist. A classic reward round trip ticket London-Frankfurt (departure on February 4 and return on February...

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What does an upgrade cost?

I have collected miles at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and I want to spend them on upgrading a round trip Amsterdam-Manila.

I searched their web site for a ticket, but the ticket conditions do not specify whether I can upgrade. How do I find this out?
Jan van Lingen

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
KLM announced on August 13, 2013 that upgrades will be become more expensive again.  Frequent flyer miles continue to lose value.

At KLM you can only...

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Taxes included or not?

Yesterday we flew from Santo Doming to Curacao on Dutch Antilles Express (DAE). To our horror we had to pay DEA $166 (€124) in taxes because they said taxes were not included in the ticket price. Can they do that?
Debora Lichtenberg

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
We have asked DAE for comments, but to no avail. DAE argues that the price breakdown shows that taxes are not included. When we made a

test booking, however, we did see a line "Total taxes and fees" showing the amount of...
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Mag je nagemaakte merkartikelen invoeren?

Het is vakantietijd en dus krijgen we vragen over het invoeren van in het buitenland gekochte artikelen. Die gaan vooral over goedkope merkartikelen. De prangende vraag is of je die eigenlijk wel mag invoeren.

In sommige landen - vooral rond de Middellandse Zee en in Azië - kun je inderdaad heel goedkoop merkartikelen kopen. Vaak gaat het om horloges, kleding, parfum, tassen, CD’s en DVD’s, en dergelijke.

In sommige landen kun je bijvoorbeeld een Rolex horloge kopen voor een paar tientjes of nog minder.

Als de prijs extreem laag is, gaat het natuurlijk...

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