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More comfort in economy class

Currently, the load factor of international flights amounts to 30-50%. Thus, on most flights there are few passengers and many open seats. That is pleasant for the passengers, for on long haul flights they can lie flat on open seats in a row in economy class. This is helpful to sleep during the flight.

Willing to pay more?

Lufthansa may have found a way to increase revenues in the current corona era by making it a little more comfortable to sleep in economy class. Passengers may be willing to pay...
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Boeing 737 MAX’s return

The Boeing 737 MAX has discredited the entire aviation industry, but in particular plane maker Boeing and the US regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It’s obvious that Boeing’s reputation has suffered a lot as profit appeared to have a higher priority than safety. The FAA’s reputation is also damaged as the agency appeared to be partly dependent on Boeing, due the agency’s underfunding. It will take a long time before in particular Boeing will have restored its reputation.

Ban lifted

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A religious airline

The Israeli carrier EL AL is a religious company because passengers are subject to religious rules. The airline doesn’t operate on the Jewish Shabbat and religious holidays (Friday night and Saturday). Women and men don’t have equal rights onboard as the carrier favors male passengers. There have been many incidents with ultra-Orthodox male passengers refusing to sit next to women. Such incidents may result in delays. That is why many passengers interpret El Al as the acronym for Every Landing Always Late.

Apartheid at El Al

Flight attendants facilitate this...
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Dress to impress

On October 6, 2020, Kayla Eubanks (22, pictured) has a ticket for a Southwest Airlines flight, but is denied boarding due to her attire. The gate agent tells her that passengers may look at her in her attire and be offended. When Eubanks asks her to be more specific, the agent says that her halter top is the reason she can’t be let on the flight. Next, Eubanks asks the agent to produce a copy of Southwest’s dress code. Although she seems to be looking for it, she...
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More state aid for airlines?

House speaker Nancy PelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (picture) is optimistic about bipartisan support for aid to the US aviation industry as part of a broader stimulus. Her optimism stems from the impression that Republican support for airline jobs relief seems to have grown lately. Nicholas Calio, president of the trade group Airlines for America, emphasizes the importance of bipartisan negotiations. They should shed light on the amount of the aid - possibly some $2 trillion - and the distribution over particular industries including aviation.

Stimulus package

Airlines are lobbying members of...
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A new aircraft: Flying-V

The aerodynamic shaped Flying-V is an energy-efficient and sustainable aircraft of the future. Its short history starts 1½ years ago. The Dutch Technical University Delft and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announce they are going to work on Flying-V. After extensive wind tunnel and ground tests a scale model is ready to fly. Therefore, a team of researchers, engineers and a drone pilot from TU Delft travel to an airbase in Germany. The first successful test flight is now a fact. Click here...
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