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Miles & More in the corona era

Lufthansa Boeing 737As one of the last airlines Lufthansa has announced some goodwill measures, as they call them. The most important measure is that the launch of the overhauled frequent flyer program Miles & More is delayed by 1 year. The considerably less attractive revised program will now come into effect on January 1, 2022 rather than in 2021 as was communicated earlier.


Frequent flyers’ current status has now been extended by 1 year until February 2022. Miles & More members receive 2 eVouchers when they requalify...
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Buy back your status

Lufthansa A380If you earn 100,000 status miles in 2019, you will qualify for the senator status in Miles & More. This is the gold status in Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program. The status is valid for 2 years. Those who already are senators requalify if they earn 100,000 status miles. This time of the year Miles & More is sending out emails to senators who did not (yet) requalify for the senator status this year. A reader who receives such an email forwards it to us. It...
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How useful is KLM’s Flying Blue?

Air France/KLMA reader shares his experience with his Flying Blue membership in the USA. Flying Blue is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ and Air France’s frequent flyer program. The reader has the highest status in the program, which is platinum for life. But he discovers that it is fairly worthless in the USA.

SkyTeam lounges

He flies KLM’s American SkyTeam partner Delta Air Lines on several routes within the USA. KLM advertises with “worldwide access to SkyTeam lounges.” Nonetheless, a...
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Who pays for frequent flyer miles?

Ancillary revenueAirlines started nickel-and-diming their customers more than a decade ago. Their ancillary revenue has been growing ever since. IdeaWorksCompany’s definition of this kind of revenue is: “revenue beyond the sale of tickets that is generated by direct sales to passengers, or indirectly as a part of the travel experience.” An important role plays the co-branded credit card.

Ancillary revenue

IdeaWorksCompany discerns 5 categories of ancillary revenue: 1. A la carte features. Frequent flyer cards2. Commission-based products. 3. Frequent flyer activities. 4. Miscellaneous sources such as advertising. 5....
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Fraud on Delta’s SkyBonus program

42 million frequent flyer points fraudulently accumulatedFederal prosecutors in Atlanta claim that a man has fraudulently accumulated more than 42 million frequent flyer points worth $1.75 (€1.58) million. This is remarkable for at least 2 reasons. First, how is illegally reaping frequent flyer points on such a large scale possible? Second, isn’t the reported value of the points extremely high?

Travel agent

The man in question is Gennady Podolsky (43), who has dual citizenship: American and Ukrainian. He is managing partner and lead travel agent of the small Chicago based travel agency
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Reward ticket availability improved

Frequent flyerMany occasional flyers are members of frequent flyer programs. They hope to earn sufficient miles to order a reward ticket. But they never will, because their miles will expire before they will have earned sufficient miles. For airlines, however, it is rational to have this kind of members in their programs. Those travelers are willing to pay higher prices for their tickets because of the miles they will earn. Usually, they don’t realize that it will take too many years to collect enough miles for a reward ticket.

Co-branded credit card

They may have...
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