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To recline or not to recline

Wendi WilliamsAmerican Airlines is traveling on American Airlines from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a flight of less than 2 hours. Wendi has a seat that can recline. She uses the option of reclining the seat that American has installed.

Banging a seat

The passenger sitting behind her is annoyed and/or jealous. His seat cannot recline and his communication skills don’t seem to be well developed. The video that Wendi shares on Twitter shows that this passenger shouts...
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Avis continues ripping you off

Avis PreferredOn February 7, 2020 we published an article that signals shocking price increases in the car rental industry. It is based on complaints from our readers. One of them sent us specific information. He needs a rental car in the USA and checks prices at Avis, where he has the Preferred status. When he compares the price with a rent he had a few months ago, he observes a shocking price increase. Avis has multiplied its prices.

Did our article have some effect?

As evidence he sends us the bill...
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Avis rips you off

Avis PreferredSeveral readers complain that Avis has multiplied prices together with other large rental car companies. One of the readers is really angry and sends us a receipt for an Avis car rental in Florida a few months ago. The price that he paid, amounts to €163 ($179) for a 1 week rental of an economy car (Ford Fiesta). As the reader is an Avis Preferred customer he has experience with Avis rental cars.

Avis multiplied prices

So far, he has been reasonably satisfied with Avis rental agreements. So when he...
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Lufthansa cabin crew strike

Lufthansa Airbus 380All Lufthansa flights starting in Germany will be affected by a Lufthansa cabin crew strike. The German flight attendants’ union UFO (pun not intended) has called for a 2-day strike at Lufthansa. Although the strike will last no longer than 48 hours, it will disturb many passengers' travel plans.

Cabin crew strike

The strike will start on November 7 at 00:00 am and end on November 8 at 24:00 pm. Lufthansa will publish today a special flight plan for Thursday and Friday. Miles...
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Will airlines ever automatically pay compensation?

European Union rulesThe European Union has a relatively strong consumer protection of airline passengers. Most relevant is the EU regulation 261/2004 that entitles passengers to compensation under certain circumstances. That may be delays of more than 3 hours that can be attributed to the carrier. Or it may be cancelations the airline can be blamed for.

Exceptional circumstances

For airlines there is one way out. If the delay or cancelation is due to exceptional circumstances passengers don’t have a right to compensation. Examples of exceptional circumstances are a medical emergency landing...
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Child icons on seat map

Crying babyCrying babies in a plane on a long-haul flight during the night is a nightmare for the babies, the parents and other passengers. What may soften the pain for other passengers is using ear plugs and/or a noise-canceling headset.

Child icon

Even so it may be for some noise sensitive travelers impossible to sleep. For those passengers Japan Airlines offers a kind of solution. It has a new feature on its booking system. A child icon appears at those seats on the seat selection map where a passenger is seated...
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