Bizarre plane accidents

A British pilot observed that the engine of his World War II-era Tiger Moth stalled just after takeoff southwest of London. Therefore, he made an emergency landing.

However, when he was about to touch down in a field a cow wandered into his way. Watch the cow being knocked to the ground and watch other (near) accidents.

The two-seater was damaged, but landed safely. Although the cow was hit by the plane's lower left wing (watch the video), she was reportedly uninjured.

A tragic incident occurred in Australia, also with a Tiger Moth. Both the pilot and his female assistant died. The assistant was standing on the wings when the engine suddenly lost power. The pilot tried to turn around the plane to land, but the plane ditched and exploded on impact. Watch the video.

More fortunate was a Lufthansa Airbus approaching Hamburg airport and trying to land unsuccessfully. Watch the video showing how dangerous a landing may be if the winds are strong and come from wrong directions. The airline’s comment was that the pilot’s manoeuvre was “absolutely professional”. Others, however, question whether it was professional trying to land at that time and under these particular circumstances in the first place. Given that the pilot attempted to land anyway, they believe the pilot should have aborted the landing seconds earlier. The plane landed safely later on.

Certainly professional was the landing of a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 landing at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport. Watch the video showing how the pilot manoeuvred the aircraft into the right direction towards the runway and landed successfully despite strong crosswinds.

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