Airports with the best Wi-Fi

wi-fi-2Tech blog Rotten WiFi has revealed the top-20 airfields for best Wi-Fi access in 2016. The blog tested Wi-Fi speed and quality at 226 airports worldwide. They are gradually improving their digital access and are enabling customers to get online.

Two countries stand out. The USA has 7 airfields in the top-20 and Thailand 6. Indonesia has 2 airports in the top-20 and Estonia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan each 1.

Rotten WiFi ranks the airfields on the basis of the average download speed (in Mbps). The ranking changes if the average upload speed is taken as standard. Yet another norm could be the customer satisfaction rate.

The North American top-10 includes only US airports. The Bill and Hillary National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, offers the highest download speed (43.17 Mbps) and ranks 3rd in terms of customer satisfaction.

wi-fi-3In Asia, Don Muang International Airport in Thailand has the highest download speed (37.1 Mbps), but its customer satisfaction is moderate.

In Europe, Düsseldorf International Airport in Germany has the highest customer satisfaction (8 out of 10), while the average download speed is only 11.03 Mbps. The European top-10 includes no less than 5 German airports.

The table below ranks airfields worldwide on the basis of customer satisfaction, while it also displays the average download speed. It seems there is a relationship between these 2 variables although not all too strong.





1. Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, USA 9 33.53
1. Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore 9 32.8
3. Bill and Hillary National Airport, USA 8.33 42.17
4. Hat Yai International Airport, Thailand 8 32.02
5. Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, Estonia 7.5 38.3
6. Don Muang International Airport, Thailand 7 37.1
6. Chiang Mai International Airport, Thailand 7 32.54
6. Chiang Rai InternationalAirport, Thailand 7 29.69
6. Juanda International Airport, Indonesia 7 22.63
6. Tulsa International Airport, USA 7 20.07
6. Samui International Airport, Thailand 7 18.15
12. Vilnius International Airport, Lithuania 6.8 24.04
13. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport 6.5 32.22
14. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia 6 34.02
14. Tampa International Airport, USA 6 26.08
14. Page Field, USA 6 21.77
14. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand 6 21.42
14. John F. Kennedy InternationalAirport, USA 6 17.5
14. Ngurah Rai InternationalAirport, Indonesia 6 16.71
14. Kaohsiung InternationalAirport, Taiwan 6 15.2

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