Which region has the most flyers? (Tip: not North America)

LHRWorldwide airport passenger numbers increased in 2014 to over 6.7 billion, which is almost equal to the world’s population of 7.3 billion. This appears from Airports Council International’s (ACI) World Airport Traffic Report 2014 presenting definitive figures.

A number of cities have an airport system with more than 1 airport. The world’s busiest airport systems in terms of passenger numbers are:

1. London, UK with 6 airports 147 million passengers
2. New York, USA with 3 airports 116 million passengers
3. Tokyo, Japan with 2 airports 109 million passengers

The world's busiest domestic airports (domestic passenger traffic) in terms of passengers are:

1. Atlanta, USA 85 million passengers
2. Beijing, China 69 million passengers
3. Tokyo (Haneda), Japan 62 million passengers

However, in terms of aircraft movements Chicago is the busiest airport, followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles.
The world's busiest international airports (international passenger traffic) are:

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 70 million passengers
2. London, UK 68 million passengers
3. Hong Kong, China 63 million passengers

Asia-Pacific records the highest number of passengers through airports:

1. Asia-Pacific 2.3 billion passengers
2. Europe 1.8 billion passengers
3. North America 1.6 billion passengers
4. Latin America-Caribbean 0.5 billion passengers
5. Middle East 0.3 billion passengers
6. Africa 0.2 billion passengers

However, North America has the highest number of aircraft movements.

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