What do passengers want?

Passengers want:
* Their bags tracked throughout their journey
* Watch digital content on a seatback device
* A human touch when things go wrong
* Automation of more airport processes
* Biometric identification to facilitate their travel  processes
* Real time journey information delivered to their personal devices
* Wait times of less than 10 minutes at security/immigration


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) finds this in its 2018 Global Passenger Survey conducted in April-July 2018. The majority of the10,408 respondents (63%) are men and 37% are women.

More findings

Other interesting findings include that the share of passengers willing to share personal information to speed up their processing at the airport has decreased. Personal information may pertain to the address of destination, travel purpose, picture, etc. In 2018, 65% of respondents are willing to share this information versus 70% in 2017.

What do passengers not want?

Some questions reveal what passengers do not want when they connect to another flight. 57% do not want to go through security screening again, while 56% do not want to have to pick up and reclaim their bag after the first flight.

Seatback devices

Some carriers are considering to remove seatback devices because that would save them money. But the share of passengers who prefer a seatback device over their own device is mounting. In 2016 it was 39%, in 2017 45% and in 2018 54%.

Pain points

Passengers identify airport security, border control and boarding processes as their biggest pain points. The top frustrations with security are the intrusiveness of having to remove personal items (57%), the removal of laptops/large electronic devices from cabin bags (48%) and the lack of consistency in screening procedures at different airports (41%).


To improve the boarding experience, the top-3 desires of passengers are:
- More efficient queuing at boarding gates (64%)
- Availability of overhead space (42%)
- Not having to queue on the jetway (33%).

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