A non-connecting flight schedule

LAN AirlinesA reader shares his weird experience with, a Dutch booking site. He books 2 tickets from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Brazil. One ticket is for his girlfriend and the other is for himself. Because his girlfriend will depart 1 week earlier, they only travel together on the inbound flights.

The journey will start in Amsterdam with a flight on Air France to Paris, where he will connect to a LAN Airlines flight to Sao Paulo. That name is in the ticket even though LAN has merged with TAM and the combined airline is called LATAM Airlines.

Ticket paid

On the return trip he and his girlfriend will fly LAN Airlines from Sao Paulo to London. UK. Next, they will connect to a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight to Amsterdam. The reservation confirmation acknowledges that the tickets have been paid.

Schedule change

KLMAfter almost 6 weeks he receives by email a change of the flight schedule. The inbound flight will now be on LAN Airlines to Madrid, Spain and from there to Amsterdam on Iberia. However, they will have a waiting time in Madrid of 6.5 hours, so he asks whether there is another connection with a shorter waiting time.

No connecting flight

Indeed, he receives an alternative flight schedule. It is very alternative, for now they will arrive in Madrid, while the “connecting” flight to Amsterdam will depart London, UK. The reservation confirmation does not clarify how they will get from Madrid to London.

Thus, it is not without reason that the confirmation includes the following warning: “You are responsible for checking your flight schedule prior to departure.”

Impossible schedule

TicketsTherefore, he asks how they are supposed to get from Madrid to London. Now it also attracts’s attention that the flight schedule is impossible. Thus, they adjust it such that they will now fly from Sao Paulo to London with a connection to Amsterdam.

Ticket not paid

But the reservation confirmation includes yet another strange thing. It states that the ticket has not been paid. However, he paid the tickets a couple months ago, which was mentioned in the original reservation confirmation. When he asks about it the employee responds by saying that he should not bother about the statement.

New confirmation

He doesn’t consider that a good idea. Therefore, he requests a new confirmation including a statement that the tickets have been paid. Eventually he receives a corrected reservation confirmation including the paid status. Now he hopes that will take it to heart.

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