Mueller should demand Trump’s interpreter’s notes

Demonstration of furloughed federal workersIn the evening of January 25, 2019 - just after we published our previous article on the fight about Trump's wall - he surrenders. He ends the government shutdown, at least for 3 weeks. Polls show that even his hardcore base does not approve his tactics of holding federal workers hostage.

Fighting the Democrats

Trump does not have a clue how to govern, so he is still campaigning and seeks an ongoing political fight with the Democrats. The speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, tells Trump he cannot give the State of the Union. She cites as reason that security cannot be guaranteed due to the shutdown. Most likely this is a political rather than a factual reason.

A 72-year old child

Donald TrumpTrump behaves like a child, which he mentally and intellectually is. Thus, he retaliates by denying Pelosi's delegation the use of a military plane to pay a visit to the troops in Afghanistan. And he adds that it is her prerogative to take a commercial flight.

Even if that would exist, it would have been suicide to fly to Afghanistan. After all, Trump had informed the Taliban about Pelosi's arrival through his public statement. He might be vicious, but it seems more likely that he is just naive.

Banana republic

Donald Trump and Vladimir PutinIn just 2 years Trump changed the USA from a great country into a banana republic. He is like putty in Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin's hands. He even responds positively to Putin's "great offer" to question Americans - including a former ambassador - sought by the Kremlin for “illegal activities.” Small wonder that many in Washington, DC, used the word treason.

A video of Trump having sex

It is rumored that Putin has a video of Trump having sex with a minor at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow in 2013. That was during the Miss Universe Pageant. This is a criminal offence in the USA. So if the rumor is true, it would be a logical explanation of why Trump acts like a puppet in Putin's hands. It also would explain why no detailed record exists from Trump's interactions with the Russian ruler since taking office.

Trump's interpreter

Trump and Putin at G20 ssummit in Hamburg, 2017The experience of a senior adviser on the National Security Council and a former State Department official also makes one think. They asked Trump's interpreter for more information about his meeting with Putin in the margin of the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017.

No record of meetings with Putin

This is how they not only learned that Trump took his interpreter's notes. But they also learned that Trump told him not to discuss the meeting with anyone, including other US officials. Thus, Trump goes to great lengths to keep details from his conversations with Putin secret, even from his own administration.

It seems time for special counsel Mueller to call up Trump's interpreter and to demand that Trump delivers the interpreter's notes. That might provide more insight in Trumps position and his ties with Putin. Even though Trump may have destroyed the notes, the interpreter might give some insight in what Trump is hiding.

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