Too few meals on board

alcoholThere are 193 passengers on board an intercontinental flight. However, only 70 meals have been loaded onto the aircraft.

Obviously, the airline has messed up and the cabin crew is facing a problem. After some discussion one of the flight attendants has an idea.

About 1 hour into the flight she nervously announces: "I do not know how this happened, but we have 193 passengers and only 70 meals on board".

Small wonder that the announcement causes some uproar in the plane. When the passengers stop muttering and calm down the flight attendant continues.

"Perhaps there are passengers who are kind enough to give up their meals so that fellow travelers can have them. Anyone who will not take a meal will receive free unlimited liquor during the entire duration of the flight."

Her next announcement comes 2 hours later: "It is no problem if some of you want to change your minds as we still have 70 dinners available."

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