The most generous and most demanding hotel reviewers

ComplainingTravelers from Russia give on average the most generous hotel reviews. As a group, they give hotel scores 0.56 review points higher than the global average of 8.52 (out of 10). This is based on an analysis of over 7 million hotel reviews by travelers from 43 nations.

Guests from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in contrast, are the toughest reviewers. They give scores 0.32 points lower than the average. Click here for the full list of 43 countries.

Travelers from different countries tend to have different review rating standards. This may have to do with factors like spending power and travel patterns, but also with quality standards travelers are used to in their own country.

Russian guests, for example, may give high scores because they are not used to high quality in their home country, where soviet quality still exists - certainly outside Moscow and St. Petersburg.

However, scores may also be affected by travelers’ cultures. Russians are not shy to complain and if hotels respond to complaints by solving the problem this may encourage their customers to give a high score.

Similarly, the low scores given by travelers from the UAE may be affected by high quality hotels in their own country. And the low scores by Japanese guests - 0.32 lower than the global average – may result from their reluctance to file a complaint in person. Thus, if they experience a problem it will not be solved.

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