Teaching Hilton to count

hilton2A reader who is a member of HHonors - Hilton’s frequent guest program - shares his experience with his HHonors account. The program has 4 membership levels: blue, silver, gold and diamond.

Our reader has gold status, which requires 20 stays in a calendar year (or 40 nights or 75,000 base points). Silver requires 4 stays or 10 nights and diamond requires 30 nights in a calendar year (or 60 nights or 120,000 base points)

The list of past stays in his HHonors online account shows 20 stays and 21 nights in 2016, so his gold status should be renewed in 2017. But the elite status progress on his account review page shows a total of 19 stays and 20 nights in 2016. Therefore, it states that he will need 1 more stay to renew his gold status.

He assumes that there is a bug in the system. Otherwise it should display the correct count of 20 stays and 21 nights as included the list of past stays. Thus, he sends a message to HHonors through Hilton’s website.

As he does not receive a response, he resends the message via Hilton’s website. But again, he does not receive a response. Thus, he contacts HHonors by phone and explains the agent that the list of past stays is correct, but the elite status progress is not.

hilton4The agent promises to look into the issue and to send him an email within 3 days. Two weeks later the email arrives, but our reader is baffled by its content: ”After further review of all stay transactions, there is no stay discrepancy. The account has been reviewed and the stays are correct. You have 19 stays and 20 nights for 2016.”

Now he decides to copy all 20 stays listed under past stays and to number them to emphasize that he has completed 20 stays and 21 nights. In his response to HHonors he includes this list and asks what is wrong with it.

This helps as he now receives a message saying: “Your September 29-30 stay hadn’t posted because our system showed that it had been canceled. I’ve manually posted the stay and now your account shows 20 stays with 21 nights.”

Although he appreciates the correction of the elite status progress this response does not make sense because the September 29-30 stay was already included his list of past stays. When asked how Hilton can reconcile this with their statement that the stay had not been posted he does not get a response.

Anyway, a couple days later he observes that his account now shows the correct number of stays and nights. He is happy that HHonors eventually was able to count to 20 and that as a result the elite status progress now shows that his status in 2017 will be gold. But he is still perplexed about how long it took to teach Hilton to count up to 20.


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