Object falls from military plane

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into a report that a door or a panel has fallen off an aircraft near Nellis Air Force Base. It is located northeast of Las Vegas, NV, USA. The object hit an apartment building and next a car.

Door falls on sidewalk

A photo taken by a resident in the area of the apartment building shows the door lying on a sidewalk. It fell from the sky right next to 2 elementary schools, just a few blocks from the military base.

What falls out of the sky appears to be an access panel from an A-4 military plane operated by Draken International, a company which provides airplanes for military training.

Thorough investigation

The incident occurs shortly after departing Nellis on a routine training mission, according to a spokesperson for Draken. The firm, along with the FAA, are conducting a thorough investigation to identify the cause. In addition, Nellis Air Force Base will also investigate the incident.

Shocked residents

Residents are shocked when they discover that the loud noise they hear is caused by a plane door or panel. Fortunately, no one is injured and the residents are thankful that the object hasn’t hit any of them.

But it could have cost lives. Given the 2 schools nearby children could have been hit.

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