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What KLM package deals really are

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines advertises with package deals comprising a flight and at least a hotel room. You can purchase more, of course, by also including a rental car and/or other items. KLM claims that passengers will get a discount up to 30% by purchasing a package deal. A reader of our website receives a KLM commercial about a package deal. It describes a trip to Bali including a stay in 5-star hotel NIkko Bali Benoa Beach.

Discount up to 30%

Just to be sure...
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Alone in a dark parked plane

Tiffani Adams Tiffani Adams (pictured) takes a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. The flight is only about 1/4 full. Less than halfway through the flight she falls asleep, she writes on her Facebook page. And she doesn’t wake up when the plane lands.

Alone in the plane

When she does wake up around midnight, she is still strapped in her seat. It must be several hours after landing. The plane is empty, pitch-dark, freezing cold and locked for the night. Initially, she thinks she is having...
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Lufthansa improperly collects a tax

Lufthansa aircraftPassengers leaving the USA by plane must pay the US International Departure Tax. But they are exempted when they travel on non-revenue tickets. Award tickets - that frequent flyers pay for with their miles – are an example of non-revenue tickets. Airlines collect the tax as part of the ticket price. Between June 2016 and November 2017, however, Lufthansa improperly collected the tax from 6,900 passengers with non-revenue tickets.

Inadvertent tax collection

Only 1 passenger alerts Lufthansa 2 times that it is inadvertently collecting the tax. The airline says it...
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A non-connecting flight schedule

LAN AirlinesA reader shares his weird experience with, a Dutch booking site. He books 2 tickets from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Brazil. One ticket is for his girlfriend and the other is for himself. Because his girlfriend will depart 1 week earlier, they only travel together on the inbound flights. The journey will start in Amsterdam with a flight on Air France to Paris, where he will connect to a LAN Airlines flight to Sao Paulo. That name is in the ticket even though LAN has...
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Object falls from military plane

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into a report that a door or a panel has fallen off an aircraft near Nellis Air Force Base. It is located northeast of Las Vegas, NV, USA. The object hit an apartment building and next a car.

Door falls on sidewalk

A photo taken by a resident in the area of the apartment building shows the door lying on a sidewalk. It fell from the sky right next to 2 elementary schools, just a few blocks from the military base. What falls...
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Aviation millionaires

Only millionaires are at the helm of US airlines. Their CEOs’ compensation ranges from $2.4-15 million (€2.1-13.4 million). On their watch, US airlines nickel-and-dime their customers and transport them like cargo. They seem to consider it necessary for the carriers to earn high profits.

Passenger forcibly removed from flight

In 2017, United Airlines’ boss Oscar Munoz did not take his bonus. It is the year in which United calls security officers to forcibly remove Dr. Dao from a flight. He is a paying passenger and is sitting in a seat for...
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