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5 years after MH17

Korean AirRussia is responsible for shooting down at least 2 passenger aircraft insofar known. First, a Soviet Su-15 interceptor shoots Korean Air flight 007 on September 1, 1983. Needless to say that the Soviet Union denies to have knowledge of the incident. Only later on they admit it, claiming that the plane was on a spy mission. This may have been induced by the flight number (007).

Accurate research

Second, flight MH17 that is downed on July 17, 2014, exactly 5 years ago. Accurate research into the shooting down has been done...
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Airlines lie routinely

TAP PortugalA reader of our website shares his experience on TAP Portugal. He flies business class from Newark, USA to Lisbon, Portugal with a connection to Amsterdam. When TAP denies his complaint while dubiously calling him a no-show, he sends his correspondence with TAP to us. After all passengers have boarded the flight Lisbon-Amsterdam, they are requested to disembark. The crew announces that the flight is at least 2 hours delayed due to toilets that are out of order.

No refreshments

All seats are taken at the gate, so he takes a...
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Boeing can spare no expense

Boeing 737 MAXBoeing has landed in hot water after 2 crashes of Boeing 737 MAX planes within 5 months. Those disasters left 346 passengers and crew members dead. The plane maker seems primarily responsible for the 2 dramas.  Boeing pretended that the 737 MAX was just the same aircraft as the 737 with minor adjustments.

737 MAX

Therefore, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) adopted Boeing’s opinion about the 737 MAX. Pilots wouldn’t need more than a few hours of training on a flight simulator to be ready for flying the...
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Aviation humor

Lost luggage

After returning from a trip overseas, my luggage doesn’t show up in the airport baggage area. Being a frequent flyer I know the drill and go to the lost luggage office. I tell the woman there that my bag hasn't shown up on the carousel. She smiles and tells me not to worry because they are trained professionals and that I am in good hands. "Now," she asks, "has your plane arrived yet?"

In-flight emergency?

On a recent flight from New York to Seattle an elderly lady stands up and shouts: "Is there a...
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A body falls from the sky

Kenia AirwaysMr. Baldock is sunbathing while sleeping in his backyard in south London, UK. All of a sudden, a body falls just a meter away from him. His neighbor hears a thump, but doesn’t know what has caused the noise. Therefore, he goes upstairs to look out of a window.


Initially, he thinks a tramp is sleeping in de garden. But when he has a closer look, he sees blood all over the garden walls. It appears to be the body of a stowaway that has fallen from a Kenya...
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What KLM package deals really are

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines advertises with package deals comprising a flight and at least a hotel room. You can purchase more, of course, by also including a rental car and/or other items. KLM claims that passengers will get a discount up to 30% by purchasing a package deal. A reader of our website receives a KLM commercial about a package deal. It describes a trip to Bali including a stay in 5-star hotel NIkko Bali Benoa Beach.

Discount up to 30%

Just to be sure...
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