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Is airline compensation due to an upgrade?

In the UK, about 1.3 million passenger journeys were delayed by at least 3 hours last year. This concludes Which? - the research arm of the British Consumers' Association - on the basis of an analysis of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data.


Which? analyzed punctuality data for the year to June 2018 and finds the bulk of the delayed flights are with: Easyjet (2,618 flights), Ryanair (1,868 flights), British Airways (1,668 flights). The 3 carriers' delay rates are close to 
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Herd behavior at the gate

Numerous studies have been made of the boarding process. Not only airlines have looked at possibilities for improvements, but also scientists. Interestingly, many carriers change the boarding processes every now and then, but they never really improve it. Passengers in economy class have very little personal space and can hardly move and breathe once they have squeezed themselves into narrow seats. They have also hardly legroom due to the very short pitch (distance between rows). Thus, one would expect that passengers would prefer to board as late as possible.
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For which hotel is this reservation?

So far it seems that Marriott overreached itself by taking over Starwood. We receive many complaints of long-time Marriott customers about their Marriot Rewards accounts. For example, stays do not show up in their accounts, points are not added, etc. Marriott's website also presents problems. When you search for hotels you have no longer the possibility to sort the results on the basis of price. You have 4 criteria to sort the results: (more…)...
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An emotional support passenger

Emotional support animals are a typical American phenomenon. Those animals often cause a disruption in the cabin. A national survey of US flight attendants reveals that over 98% of all respondents worked a flight with at least 1 emotional support animal onboard in the last 24 months. Small wonder that the US Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) calls on the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to take action to limit abuse of the emotional support animal designation in the system. Although some airlines recently took action by...
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Is there a best date to purchase a ticket?

The cheapest time to book flights for Thanksgiving travel is 31-90 days out, and 21-30 days out for Christmas. Travelers who booked during these windows in 2017 saved an average of 10% on holiday fares according to Expedia. The optimal window to book flights for Thanksgiving is now through October 22. For Christmas travel it is somewhat later: October 26 through December 4, at least according to Expedia. Our calculation is November 25-December 4. If you wait until 0-6 days out you will probably pay 10-20% above the average ticket...
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How relevant is a passenger’s academic title?

Dr. Siobhan O’Dwyer considers herself a victim of sexism. When she boarded a Qantas plane a flight attendant looked at her boarding pass — which said “Dr. O’Dwyer” — and addressed her as “Miss O’Dwyer.” This was so important to Dr. O’Dwyer that she tweeted: "Do not look at my ticket, look at me, look back at my ticket, decide it’s a typo, and call me Miss O’Dwyer. I did not spend 8 years at university to be called Miss." One may expect a more coherent text from a Dr. How...
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