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Will China start an airline war?

The Chinese government considers Taiwan an inseparable part of China along with Hong Kong and Macau. Therefore, it demands that foreign carriers on their websites refer to Taiwan as Chinese territory rather than a sovereign state. US airlines sought extensions to a May 25, 2018 deadline for making adjustments to their website. The final deadline is July 25, 2018, but the White House describes the whole thing as “Orwellian nonsense”. China has never given up its claim that Taiwan must be reunited with China and rejects US requests for talks over how US...
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What do passengers value?

Delta Air Lines has embarked on a full-fleet interior renovation of its Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The first refreshed 777 took flight on July 2, 2018 from Detroit to Beijing. The good news is that the main cabin has 9-abreast seating. This is how Boeing originally designed the aircraft. Meanwhile, however, most carriers have installed 10 seats in each row to maximize profits at the expense of passengers’ comfort. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is Delta’s European partner. They operate codeshare flights, so that the flights of the 2...
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Are trains better for the environment than planes?

It is not easy to calculate the environmental footprints of trains and aircraft. What should be taken into account when making calculations? Is it only the CO2 emission during the ride of flight or more than that? Ideally one should make a life cycle assessment (LCA), which means the inclusion of the environmental impact associated with all the stages of a product's life. Not only should the environmental impact of a train or plane as such be considered, but also the impact of producing trains and planes, thus a kind of cradle-to-grave analysis. This...
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Panic at the emergency exit

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates air transportation of pets and requires airlines to follow the guidelines. For example, animals must be transported in pet carriers big enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. As there are no such regulations for human beings, their well-being seems less important than that of animals. Flyers Rights, a passenger advocacy group tried to change this in 2015 by filing a petition asking the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to promulgate...
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EU blacklist safeguards your rights

The number of airlines fully banned from European Union skies has plummeted to 120 from 181 in December 2017. This appears from the updated blacklist (officially: EU Air Safety List) of banned airlines that the European Commission publishes every half year. All of them are based in African and Asian countries with 4 exceptions: Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran), Iraqi Airways (Iraq), Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname) and Avior Airlines (Venezuela). For 114 carriers the EU ban...
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Smelling passenger dies

On May 29, 2018, a Transavia plane takes off from Gran Canaria, a Spanish island off northwestern Africa, to Amsterdam, Netherlands. After takeoff several passengers begin fainting and vomiting because a male passenger smells unbearable. Therefore, the plane makes an emergency landing in Faro, Portugal. Flight attendants spray with air fresheners in the cabin, but to no avail. Then they ask the man to sit in a toilet, which is not a solution either. The bad smell is very strong, while the passenger’s condition worsens on the flight to Amsterdam....
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