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Flight review TAP Portugal

A reader submitted a review of a flight on TAP Portugal. This airline is a member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the industry. The review follows. I fly in business class from Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, FL, USA. The flight is operated with a fairly old Airbus 330 and departs almost on time at 10:45 am.


In the business class section there are 6 seats in a row with the configuration 2-2-2. The passengers in window seats do not have direct access to...
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How to claim compensation from Ryanair?

RyanairRyanair has welcomed a court ruling in Barcelona that no compensation should be paid to passengers for flights canceled due to strike action. The reason is that the disruption was out of its control, so the airline was not to blame. However, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has repeatedly ruled differently. Thus, the odds are that passengers who go to the CJEU may find it on their side so that Ryanair would have to pay compensation.

Cancelations due to strikes

Ryanair's argument why it would...
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What do passengers want?

Passengers want: * Their bags tracked throughout their journey * Watch digital content on a seatback device * A human touch when things go wrong * Automation of more airport processes * Biometric identification to facilitate their travel  processes * Real time journey information delivered to their personal devices * Wait times of less than 10 minutes at security/immigration


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) finds this in its 2018 Global Passenger Survey conducted in April-July 2018. The majority of the10,408 respondents (63%) are men and 37% are women.
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Marriott’s website of little use

After Marriott took over Starwood it took a while before both chains would merge their platforms. Although Marriott introduced the single platform in August, it seems the integration is a failure. In particular Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members are facing many problems, but also Marriott Rewards members are sometimes having hard times. It seems that Marriott did not work hard enough to integrate Starwood hotels into Marriott's website and SPG into Marriott Rewards smoothly. SPG members report a multitude of problems and some Marriott...
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A B&B experience

A reader shares his experience with Fado Bed & Breakfast - Santos in Lisbon, Portugal: I booked the B&B through and could cancel it until 3 weeks before arrival, when the rate was charged to my credit card. B&B prices in Lisbon can be as low as €20 ($23) or even less. However, I selected the Fado B&B with a room rate of €55 ($64) hoping the quality would be acceptable.

Airport transfer

I also ordered a roundtrip airport transfer for €45 ($53), which the B&B outsources to...
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Is airline compensation due to an upgrade?

In the UK, about 1.3 million passenger journeys were delayed by at least 3 hours last year. This concludes Which? - the research arm of the British Consumers' Association - on the basis of an analysis of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data.


Which? analyzed punctuality data for the year to June 2018 and finds the bulk of the delayed flights are with: Easyjet (2,618 flights), Ryanair (1,868 flights), British Airways (1,668 flights). The 3 carriers' delay rates are close to 
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