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Passenger screening will remain at smaller airports

Veiligheidscontrole Flight attendant: “The air marshal asked me if we could hang out during the layover. No one will have to find out. It is not like your husband is here.” Numerous media copied the news CNN published on August 1, 2018. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would be considering to eliminate passenger screening at more than 150 small and medium sized airfields across the USA, which is approximately ⅓ of all US airports. However, this seems one of the extremely rare cases in which CNN...
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A rare victory of passengers over an airline

From September 5, 2018 American Airlines will allow passengers traveling on basic economy tickets to bring a carry-on bag into the cabin. Until that date they are only allowed to take a personal item that fits under the seat in front of them. If they want to take another bag they will need to pay a fee. The current policy has nothing to do with cost, for taking a carry-on bag into the cabin does not affect the airline’s cost. But carriers charge numerous fees that are unrelated to their...
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China’s power game with airlines

China has played a power game about how airlines should refer to Taiwan. The island of Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, was inhabited by aborigines before the 17th century. The Qing dynasty – China’s last dynasty - annexed the island in 1683, but ceded Taiwan to Japan in 1895 following the first Sino-Japanese War. After the fall of the Qing dynasty the Republic of China (RoC) was established on mainland China in 1912. Following World War II the RoC took control of Taiwan in 1945. Consequently, the official name of Taiwan is the RoC,...
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Which airlines squeeze the most out of their customers?

The new normal is that airlines nickel-and-dime their customers. They believe that passengers are very short-sighted and only look at the base fare when buying tickets. Therefore, they now charge separately for all kinds of things that were simply included in the fare 10 years ago. These payments are called ancillary revenues and come as an unpleasant surprise for quite a few passengers. The top-10 carriers as rated by total ancillary revenue, (more…)...
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Customer service no priority of LOT

One of our readers shares his experience with LOT Polish Airlines. He travels on a business class ticket from Amsterdam through Warsaw to Toronto. In Amsterdam he visits the lounge, but there is hardly any proper food. Thus, he trusts that he will get breakfast on the flight to Warsaw. In the plane, however, he observes that every business class passenger is served breakfast with the exception of him. Thus, he asks a flight attendant why he does not get breakfast. She responds that LOT’s Amsterdam agent has instructed her...
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