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Do you tip your flight attendant?

Frontier AirlinesFrontier Airlines has experience with inflight tipping. It is a low-cost carrier, so it lures passengers into their planes with fake low prices. Customers discover only after they have bought the ticket that the total ticket price - including all fees - can be more than double the base price.

Inflight tipping

In 2016, the airline added a gratuity screen to the credit-card payment tablets. It is used when customers pay inflight for a variety of services ranging from blankets to drinks. The tips would be pooled...
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UK politicians prefer nice weather

Union JackThe UK is more and more resembling the USA. Admittedly, it is not (yet) a banana monarchy, but the Brits don't know what kind of Brexit they want. They only know what they do not want. Therefore, it is still very uncertain what will happen after the Brexit that should occur on March 29, 2019. It is not only uncertain how the Brexit will happen, but also whether it will occur at all.

Short term solution

Small wonder that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) calls...
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Trump puts flyers’ safety at risk for political gain

Waiting times at security check points at US airports rapidly get longer. The US Transportation Security Administration closed security checkpoints at airports around the USA the past weekend.

Calling in sick

The TSA is experiencing a national rate of 7.6% unscheduled absences compared to a 3.2% rate 1 year ago. The number of TSA security officers calling in sick increased by more than half. TSA employees missed their first paycheck on January 11, 2019. Those are some of the consequences of Donald Trump's government shutdown.

Security checkpoints closed

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Trump kicked out of Bavaria

If the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) kept airline passengers safe, Donald Trump has changed that. He said live on TV that he was proud to shutdown the government and would not blame the Democrats. "I own the shutdown," he said.

Trump backtracks

Meanwhile, Americans are experiencing many disturbing effects of the shutdown. As a result, Trump backtracked. He now seems less proud of the shutdown and, indeed, is blaming the democrats for it.

Dodging the draft

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How turbulence looks like

Following our previous article we now share a video posted by It shows a striking example of a severe turbulent area with rain at Birmingham airport in the UK. First, a Flybe Embraer tries to land, but has to go around as the crosswinds are too strong. Next, an easyJet Airbus approaches the airport and does the same. It does not even try a second time, but diverts straight to Stansted. But then an Emirates Airbus 380 -...
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No more turbulence?

Severe turbulence in an airplane is not only inconvenient, it may also be dangerous. Overhead bins may open and baggage items may fall on passengers' heads. Also, items may fly through the cabin. Watch a video about severe turbulence on an Aeroflot flight. Cases of extreme turbulence have caused injuries to passengers and flight attendants. Although pilots try to avoid flying through turbulent areas, they do not always know they are approaching such an area. In those cases they simply cannot fly around the turbulent area and turbulence occurs...
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