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Beware of Parbrize CITROEN

Parbrize CITROENSeveral readers from Romania asked us to warn our readership against a Romanian auto dealer called Parbrize CITROEN. They have very negative experiences with this dealer. They say this dealer is unreliable and has cost them a lot of money. So Romanian readers, beware of Parbrize CITROEN. According to our readers any other dealer than Parbrize CITROEN would be a better choice and would save you money.

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Emirates covers corona related cost

Emirates crewAirlines are experiencing problems to find passengers. Many people prefer to stay in the safety of their home rather than traveling the world. Although some carriers are offering inexpensive tickets, quite a few are still asking high prices. But rebooking a flight is now practically free.

Health insurance

Some airlines are trying to entice flyers by attaching new and in some cases interesting conditions to their tickets. One of them is Emirates. If you book your flight on Emirates you’ll automatically receive free cover for COVID-19 related cost. Thus, it does...
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Infected passengers on flights to Amsterdam

Airlines' mantra: no transmission from passenger to passengerAirlines say that flying is safe despite the coronavirus. Passengers must complete a health declaration and they must wear a face mask onboard. The airline industry’s mantra as to the coronavirus is that “the risk of transmission from passenger to passenger on board is very low.” But this picture may be Trumpian, that is, way too rosy.

Flights with infected passengers

In 6 weeks at least 45 flights arrived in the Netherlands with passengers who appeared infected with the coronavirus. Passengers who have been seated within 2...
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Passengers demand compensation for arriving on time

Two passengers claim €400 ($457) each because the Finnair flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Jyväskylä, Finland would have arrived with a delay. In such cases passengers can demand compensation by invoking Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament. As they are not looking forward to drafting their claims themselves they rely on Airhelp. This is one of the many claim agencies, or claim farms as the airlines prefer to call them.

No Cure, No Pay

Usually, such agencies work on the basis of No...
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Dubious pilot licenses

Dubious pilot license at Pakistan International AirlinesNearly 1 in 3 of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots is suspected of holding a dubious pilot license. PIA will ground 262 airline pilots whose credentials may have been falsified. The move comes after the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airline industry’s mouthpiece, issues a warning. It has found irregularities in pilot licenses at PIA that represent a “serious lapse” in safety controls.

Plane crash

The scandal emerges in the wake of a PIA plane crash in Karachi that kills 97...
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MH17 case to European Court of Human Rights

Russian Buk missile downs passenger plane MH17For the first time since World War II Russia downs an airliner (MH17) in Europe on July 17, 2014. Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin denies any Russian involvement. Several weeks later, on August 27, 2014, Russian troops invade the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea. Unsurprisingly, Putin also denies there is a Russian  invasion. Only after the incursion has been completed he acknowledges the invasion. Later on Russia annexes the Crimea, which stresses that Russia is a lawless country with corrupt rulers.

European Court of Human Rights

On July 10, 2020, the...
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