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Jetpack at LAX airport

JetpackOn August 30, 2020, an American Airlines pilot sees a man flying in a jetpack in the path of incoming jets to Los Angeles International Airport. He estimates the jetpack is only about 300 yards (275 meters) out of his window. The plane is approaching the airport at about 3,000 feet (900 meters) and 10 miles (16 km) out for landing. The pilot reports his observation of the jetpack to air traffic control. Moments later a Southwest pilot confirms the jetpack report. Watch a
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No change fees, but be aware

American, Delta, UnitedAirline surcharges and fees are usually unrelated to cost. An exception is the fuel surcharge carriers collect when the oil price is high. The last time is already quite a few years ago. But when the oil price plummets a fuel surcharge loses its plausibility. Some carriers find a solution by changing the name into international surcharge.

Bogus fee

Obviously, it doesn’t matter that this name is meaningless for it is just a bogus fee. Airlines are creative in inventing new charges like seat reservation fees, etc. Most of them are unrelated...
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A new leader of the free world

Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, warns there is no national travel safety plan to deal with the pandemic On Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round, Sara Nelson (picture), president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), passes the verdict on 3½ years of Trump. “I have never seen before that an administration has not put forward a plan to deal with a pandemic. There is no plan in place, and there is no instruction from the federal government.”

Travel safety measures

Much of Nelson’s frustration...
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Passengers leave nearly $1 million at security

A bin with unclaimed moneyt at a TSA security checkpoint When flyers approach a security checkpoint at an airport, they must remove all items from their pockets, including wallets and loose change. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends that travelers place those items directly into their carry-on bags. This is to prevent they will accidentally leave anything behind in a bin. But quite a few flyers neglect the TSA’s recommendation and lose money. Thus, the TSA collects unclaimed money that passengers leave behind at security checkpoints.

TSA collects almost...

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Floppy disks to update planes

If you think that floppy disks are something of the past, you are mostly right. Yet, they are still in use, although not in a sector that is way behind modern technology. Remarkably, the airline industry still uses floppy disks. In 1988, Boeing introduces its 747 aircraft. It is a wide-body as planes with 2 aisles in the cabin are dubbed. But soon the plane is nicknamed Queen of the Skies due to its sheer size.

Retiring Boeing 747s

The Boeing 747 has proved to be a relatively safe aircraft. Only 2 Boeing...
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A banana republic in North America

Trump wants to restrict the internet In the framework of his re-election campaign, fake president Donald Duck Trump announces harsh restrictions on 2 popular Chinese owned social media networks, TikTok and WeChat. Transactions by any person or property within US jurisdiction will be banned. The 2 executive orders will take effect after 45 days. As a result, the next time China will restrict the internet, a protest by the USA will lack any credibility because Trump is doing the exact same thing.

Corruption and nepotism

In 2016 Trump receives...
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