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Desperate optimism at Lufthansa?

LufthansaParked Lufthansa aircraft claims it observes a sharp rise in bookings for the upcoming holiday season, both for intra-European and intercontinental flights. In particular bookings to South Africa, Namibia, the Canary Islands, Madeira and sunny destinations in the Mediterranean would be on the rise. But also snow-assured areas in Northern Finland are popular according to Lufthansa.

No absolute number of bookings

The carrier doesn’t report absolute numbers, but all airlines have been complaining about the low number of travelers. An increase in the number of bookings, say from...
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Still no new Miles & More

Miles & More frequent flyer card In 2018, Lufthansa announces it will overhaul its frequent flyer program Miles & More. It says the new program will take effect on January 1, 2020. But members are disappointed as the new program will be considerably less attractive than the current program. Small wonder that our readers let us know they are angry about the program change. To our readers the most hated change is that the re-qualification of the status (frequent traveler, senator, or hon circle) is valid for just 1 year....
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Free tickets to Hawaii

The pandemic has normalized remote work for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the state of Hawaii is offering free round trips to Oahu to out-of-state remote workers, who want to volunteer and live there temporarily. To qualify they should contribute to the state's economy by working and living there. In collaboration with schools and businesses, the state has launched a temporary residency program, known as "Movers and Shakas.”


Until December 15, the program will accept the first group of 50 applicants. They must be remote workers and at least 18...
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More comfort in economy class

Currently, the load factor of international flights amounts to 30-50%. Thus, on most flights there are few passengers and many open seats. That is pleasant for the passengers, for on long haul flights they can lie flat on open seats in a row in economy class. This is helpful to sleep during the flight.

Willing to pay more?

Lufthansa may have found a way to increase revenues in the current corona era by making it a little more comfortable to sleep in economy class. Passengers may be willing to pay...
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Boeing 737 MAX’s return

The Boeing 737 MAX has discredited the entire aviation industry, but in particular plane maker Boeing and the US regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It’s obvious that Boeing’s reputation has suffered a lot as profit appeared to have a higher priority than safety. The FAA’s reputation is also damaged as the agency appeared to be partly dependent on Boeing, due the agency’s underfunding. It will take a long time before in particular Boeing will have restored its reputation.

Ban lifted

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Hotel review’s unexpected consequence

Wesley Barnes, American tourist in ThailandWesley Barnes (picture), an American tourist, stays in the Sea View Resort in Thailand. After a dispute over a $15 (€12.70) corkage fee, he posts a review of the resort on Tripadvisor. But free speech is not a respected principle in Thailand. The hotel files criminal defamation charges against him, which could result in 15 years in prison.


However, Barnes is lucky that Tripadvisor assists him and pays his legal fees. Eventually, the hotel agrees to drop its complaint if Barnes makes a “sincere apology”...
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