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Did I pay a high fare for nothing?

A reader writes that according to KLM's web site you can use miles to upgrade from fare class U. If you book, however, you can only choose between economy and business class. Thus, you cannot book a particular fare class.

You can do so at KLM's American partner Delta Air Lines, so he books KLM-flights at Delta. The U fare class is considerably more expensive than the lowest fare, but he does book it to be able to buy an upgrade with miles.

When he calls...
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US clothing police

European travelers to the USA may wonder whether they traveled 100 years back in time. Some American flight attendants act as if they are Iranian clothing cops. A Southwest Airlines employee confronted a passenger in Las Vegas for showing too much cleavage (see the picture on the right). All airlines reserve the right to refuse passengers for a variety of vague reasons. In their contracts of carriage they list some of them, but only as examples, so without limitation. We checked what the 4 biggest US carriers in their contracts say about passengers' clothing: * United Airlines may remove you...
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A round trip due to sleeping

A French woman, Patrice Christine Ahmed, departs Lahore (Pakistan) on August 21, 2012. She flies Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Paris (France) via Milan (Italy).

Upon arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, however, she is asleep. Ground crew fails to notice her, so nobody wakes her during the 2-hour stopover.

When she finally wakes up, she finds herself heading back to Lahore. 

She does not alert the cabin crew to her situation, but deplanes when she arrives in Lahore on August 22, 2012. She has traveled...
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Doesn’t Lufthansa sell partner airlines’ flights?

I tried to book a multi-city itinerary on Lufthansa's web site. I wanted to fly Lufthansa from Copenhagen via Frankfurt to Miami, a few days later a flight to Canada on a partner airline, and again some days later back to Copenhagen.

To Miami was no problem, but when I tried to add a flight from Miami to Canada told me no available flights were found, although there are flights available for sure. What's up?
Björn Persson

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
We checked it on Lufthansa's web site and you are right....
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Security illusion

Daniel Casillo (31) is having fun on August 10, 2012 while racing on jet skis in New York's Jamaica Bay, until his watercraft stalls. He calls for help, but to no avail. Thus, he starts to swim to the lights he sees.

He makes it to land, where the lights appear to be John F. Kennedy airport's runway lights. Casillo climbs an 8-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walks undetected across two runways into Delta Air Lines' terminal 3.

He is dripping wet and wears his bright yellow life jacket when a...

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How do I get a discount offer?

You are not anonymous if you are searching the internet for air fares. Cookies stored in your web browser may give online retailers clues as to your income bracket and price-sensitivity.

Your internet address may be linked to your physical address revealing whether you live in a rich or a poor area. This allows for price discrimination by sellers, which means they offer different prices to shoppers in different areas.

Online retailers can also buy individual shoppers' profiles from online-data-aggregation firms using price customization software. This allows

them to...
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