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The world’s most expensive kindergarten

We received many questions about the possible consequences of the sequestration due to a lack of decision-making in Congress. Visitors of our web site wonder whether it will affect their air travel.

The sequestration would shrink the federal budget by $85 billion (€65 billion) through September. 30, 2013. As a result, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) faces a budget cut of $1 billion (€770 million) of which $600 million (€460 million) will hit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA is planning to furlough...
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United will match your status

Are you a member of a oneworld or SkyTeam member airline's frequent flyer program?

Then United Airlines - a member of the Star Alliance - will match your current status until March 31, 2013 if you join United's MileagePlus program now.


Carriers that are members of the same airline alliance do not compete with each other, so Star Alliance silver or gold customers are excluded from this offer.

Others will get silver, gold or platinum status based on the level they hold in their current frequent flyer program, at least for 90 days.

To keep this...

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Four tips to stave off price hikes

The number of US carriers has decreased, which has diminished the degree of competition. Therefore, pricing power will likely continue to shift to the airlines.

A number of US carriers merged in recent years including America West and US Airways, Delta Air Lines and Northwest, AirTran and Southwest Airlines, Continental and United Airlines.

American and US Airways are now going to merge. Moreover, some smaller US carriers have merged or have gone bust.

Although Europe saw only 1 major merger (

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Miracles at the airport

Miracles regularly occur at US airports. A passenger requests a wheelchair and gets pushed to the front of the security line.

After the screening he jumps up out of the chair, grasps his carry-ons and rushes off into the terminal.

Airlines are legally required to provide free wheelchair service to any passenger who requests it and without description or documentation.

Travelers can reserve in advance, but also at the last minute. The rule is that wheelchair requests are filled on a first-come basis. Thus, a 10:00 am walk-up request...
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Indulging in luxury

Lie-flat seats are now common in business class, at least on long-haul routes. However, the services vary widely across carriers.

Although companies pay for the vast majority of first and business class tickets, airlines stress in particular the entertainment options (dining, drinking, Spa, TV, etc.) and they rarely specify their business facilities.

Magazine Worth features in its February/March 2013 issue the top-10 airlines based on their business class. Surprisingly, only 3

of them are from Asia, 3 from Europe, 3 from the Middle East and 1...
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Who should determine whether it is safe to fly?

We have run a poll allowing you to vote who should determine whether it is safe to fly: the government or individual airlines. The poll is inspired by the closure of European and Atlantic air space due to the Icelandic volcanic ash crisis in 2010. As we have 3 versions of our web site - in English, Dutch and Russian - we have obtained 3 different results. All 3 web sites see a majority of visitors voting for the government. However, the majorities differ in size. The majority amounts to 61% on the English version, 70% on the Dutch web site, and 87%...
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