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Lounge access denied

A platinum member of Air France/KLM's frequent flyer program Flying Blue shows his platinum card and boarding pass to a Delta Sky Club agent at a US airport. But the agent denies him access.

The passenger considers that both Air France/KLM and Delta Air Lines belong to the SkyTeam alliance. Therefore, he wonders whether the lounge agent is right.

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
Lounge access is frequent flyers' second most appreciated perk (after upgrades). It is obvious that Flying Blue platinum members have access...

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One or 2 keys?

A passenger receives 2 car keys when he picks up a rental car at Avis. That seems smart, because if you lose one, you still have the other key, right?

Wrong! Both keys are tied together and when asked, the agent tells him he will be fined if he separates them. He asks us what we think of it.

Airline Passenger Guru’s response:
We asked Avis what the rationale is behind their policy to make sure that if customers lose a key, they will lose both keys.

Avis’s response...

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Clothes make the vacation

In particular women take too many clothes when they go on vacation, according to a telephone survey by Dutch travel organization World Ticket Center (WTC).

They asked 500 customers of which items they pack too many if they go on vacation.

Clothes, say 60% of the respondents. They already do this for years, so they do not learn from past experiences. No less than 83% of those carrying too many clothes are women.

Dutch vacationers also pack too many books (26%) and shoes (14%).

The most frequently cited reason for...

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Onrust onder platinum leden van Flying Blue

In een nieuwe campagne doet KLM het voorkomen alsof platinum deelnemers aan Flying Blue, het frequent flyer programma van Air France/KLM, altijd hebben moeten betalen voor een stoel in de zogenoemde comfort zone:

KLM schrijft namelijk aan platinum deelnemers het reizen voor hen net iets specialer te willen maken met nieuwe bestedingsmogelijkheden voor gespaarde mijlen:

“Een heerlijk comfortabele stoel - met extra beenruimte bijvoorbeeld of in een rij van twee. Een à-la-carte maaltijd aan boord. Of meer bagage meenemen. Voorheen betaalde u hiervoor; nú kunt u tevens uw gespaarde Miles...
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Save money and possibly your life

Economy passengers are more likely to survive a plane crash than those sitting in the front of the plane, where first class and business class are located. Scientists conclude this from an experiment arranged by the British Channel 4 and television production company Dragonfly.

In April 2012, they send an old Boeing 727 into the skies carrying dummies with breakable bones, cameras and sensors. At 762
meters (2,500ft), the pilot parachutes out of the plane, while a pilot in a following Cessna uses a...
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American and European laws clash

Two American travelers - James Bergman and Kathleen Lynch - filed a lawsuit against United Airlines in a federal district court in Illinois in September 2012.

They accuse the carrier of violating EU regulation 261/2004 by failing to compensate passengers whose flights were delayed by more than 3 hours.

The passengers had booked United Airlines flight 949 departing from

London at 12:20 pm, but the flight was canceled. As a result, the 2 passengers arrived at their final destination - Jackson Hole, WY - 24 ...
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