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Where can I find United Airlines’ fare rules?

Some time ago one of our readers bought an eTicket on Now he appears to be unable to view the fare rules. His eTicket only displays the vague statement "Fare Rules: Additional charges may apply for changes in addition to any fare rules listed."

However, the eTicket does not list the rules and does not provide a link to to view them. Considering that not disclosing the rules would be illegal, he assumes they must be somewhere on display and asks us where.

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
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How safe is Ryanair?

Four Ryanair pilots claim that they regularly fly with less fuel than they would like and that the airline presses them to cut costs. With less fuel in the tanks a plane is lighter and burns less fuel. The (anonymous and unrecognizable) whistle-blowers illustrate their claim on Dutch TV in a KRO program (with English subtitles) by referring to 3 Ryanair planes inbound to Madrid (Spain) and diverted to Valencia due to Thunderstorms on July 26, 2012. All 3 send out Mayday emergency calls due to low fuel levels when approaching Valencia.Ryanair says its pilots have followed correct...
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A spending threshold for elite frequent flyers

Shortly after we published our article "Earning less and spending more", Delta Airlines illustrated the trend we signaled. We wrote: "Airlines with relatively new programs base reward levels on how much you pay for your ticket rather than on the miles you fly. Carriers with older programs tend to adjust them to the newer programs." On January 17, 2013, Delta announced a new and additional qualification threshold for its Sky Miles frequent flyer program Medallion. The new   (additional) qualification is your annual spending on Delta flights, beginning January 1, 2014 and applying to your...
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Earning less and spending more

Airlines advertize their frequent flyer programs by emphasizing that members can spend miles on free tickets. But there is no such thing as a free ticket.

If you call your carrier to order a free ticket you will quickly learn 2 things:

1. The number of available award seats is very limited. Often you cannot get an award seat.

2. You need to pay taxes and carrier imposed fees. They total up to half the fare and come on top of the miles you need to spend.

You can earn frequent flyer miles in many ways. By flying,...

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Squeezed in 2013

The new year will not bring more space for passengers traveling in economy class. Vacation travelers will feel squeezed in particular if they fly a US carrier.

The Boeing 777 is a relatively new plane, so potentially more comfortable than old aircraft. In 1995, United Airlines is the first carrier to put this model into service.

Originally, this aircraft comes with 9 seats per row in coach class. However, US airlines are demanding 10 seats per row in newly delivered Boeing 777s, while they are reconfiguring their existing planes.

The newest aircraft -...

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How accurate are airport scales?

Passenger baggage fees are a major revenue source for airlines. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) reported that US carriers collected $1.7 billion (€1.3 billion) in baggage fees in the first half of 2012.

But how accurately do they weigh your bag? Inspectors of the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures found that nearly 25% of scales used by airlines at Sky Harbor, Tucson International and Phoenix Mesa Gateway airports are out of compliance with state regulations.

US airlines charge $50-$100 (€38-€76) for a bag that weighs more than

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