No invoice at Scandinavian airlines

SASA reader of our website shares his booking experience on Scandinavian Airlines SAS. The airline’s website is quite simple as it only allows to reserve round trip, one-way, or open-jaw tickets.

The latter means that you will return from another city than the arrival city. For example, the outbound flight is from Copenhagen to Frankfurt, while the inbound flight is from Paris to Copenhagen.

Our reader is planning to book a multi-city or multi-stop business class ticket. But when he discovers that the SAS website does not allow for that, he calls the airline to make a reservation by phone. The agent books the multi-city trip and says he will send the ticket and the invoice by email.

However, the next day our reader still does not receive the ticket or a confirmation. Thus, he calls the carrier again. It appears there was an error in his email address. The agent tells our reader that he will receive his ticket and receipt shortly at the right email address.

Booking agentsBut what he receives is a confirmation showing the itinerary, the booking reference and the ticket number, no ticket and no invoice. Again, he calls SAS to clarify the matter. The agent is surprised that he wants a receipt, so he asks her how he can declare the cost of the ticket without an invoice.

Now it is our reader’s turn to be amazed, for she explains that he will find the exact amount and the ticket number on his credit card review. Obviously, she does not know that the system not only produces a ticket, but also a receipt.

Our reader considers it a waste of time to talk with such an ignorant agent, so he terminates the call, waits for 5 minutes and calls SAS again. Another agent answers his call, which is exactly he was hoping for. He explains again that he would like to receive a ticket and a receipt.

This agent appears to know what he is talking about and sends him the ticket and the invoice within 5 minutes. It is not unique that a customer is denied a receipt for the total amount. But the lesson is clear. Do not waste time on arguing with an ignorant agent, but simply call again. Usually, you will be talking with another agent who certainly is capable.

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